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BLACK MARKET #6, Fall 1986

[This interview took place around September 1986.]


B.M.: So what's going on with SAMHAIN?
GLEN: Well we just did a big show out here in June, sorta a showcase for
      record companies.  There was a lot of major labels there.

B.M.: Like who?
GLEN: I can't really say, but there's two or three labels that are
      interested in us.

B.M.: How are things with Caroline Records?
GLEN: Great, they're treating us really good, we might do one more record
      with Caroline before we do the major label thing, the major label
      thing can take a really long time, it's almost a year since our last

B.M.: Now you've released some limited colro vinyl stuff, what are the
GLEN: We die 500 of "INITIUM" on red, 500 of "NOVEMBER COMING FIRE" on
      orange, also a "NOVEMBER COMING FIRE" picture disc coming out soon.
      We die 500 "UNHOLY PASSION" on red with new colored cover, we also did
      200 on white.

B.M.: Are you gonna re-release any more MISFITS?
GLEN: I'm pretty sure we're gonna do "EVILIVE" as an album here in America.
      We have 4 or 5 extra songs and I'll have full color pictures and tons
      of live pictures of the MISFITS.

B.M.: I talked to Caroline Records the other day and they said you might be
      re-releasing some MISFITS singles and changing the covers?
GLEN: Yea, we've got 4 singles coming out, it's been a while, I just had to
      find time to get it out and there's also 4-5 unreleased MISFITS songs
      that will be out by the new year, I just found some old tapes.

B.M.: How come you didn't release the stuff that's on "LEGACY OF BRUTALITY"
      back when it was recorded?
      (LEGACY OF BRUTALITY is a recently released MISFITS album which
      contains some songs never before released, For the true MISFITS fan).
GLEN: Because we didn't like it at the time, Now I remixed alot of it, laid
      new tracks on it and the stuff sounded alot better.  At the time it
      was also money too, we didn't have that much money to work with.

B.M.: Well I know SAMHAIN is your main thing now, but are you at all
      surprised on the MISFITS revival and of their large following,
      specialy since they've been broken up for so long?
GLEN: No, I'm not surprised, I always thought that the MISFITS were a great
      band.  It's like with BIRTHDAY PARTY or BAUHAUS, when bands break up,
      that's when everyone misses them and realize how good they, and then of
      course it's too late.  The band members have gone through hassles with
      each other and all those years of not getting the recognition you
      needed and then it's really hard to put it back togethers.

B.M.: Do you ever talk to the rest of the band ever?
GLEN: No, I don't get along with those guys at all.  We just have different
      ideas of what music is all about.

B.M.: The one record that is the most wanted and the one I've never seen
      re-released is the "WALK AMONG US" album.  Now I know there has been
      a problem with the rights of the "WALK AMONG US" album in which Ruby
      owns the rights to the album, not Plan 9, which makes it hard to
      release for your own sake, what's going on with that?
GLEN: Well I have different versions of those songs, some are even better
      than what's on the "WALK AMONG US" album.  I found an old version of
      "HATE BREEDERS" that just kicks ass, I mean really kicks ass!  There's
      a copy of "BRAIN EATERS," 2 copies of "NIKE A GO-GO," see they just own
      those particular recordings, they don't own the songs.  I've got a
      lawyer working on it right now.

B.M.: Why are you having so many problems with Ruby?
GLEN: They fuck'n never paid us for that record, so basically I had to get a
      lawyer to handle it, 'cause I want my money and I want my fuck'n tape
      back!  And if they don't, they can go right down with me to court.  I'm
      just tired of this shit, 'cause I heard they were getting ready to
      re-release it again.  We also have a MISFITS video coming out and a
      SAMHAIN one too.

B.M.: So has SAMHAIN been touring at all since the last time you were out
GLEN: Which tour was that?

B.M.: Remember the time we did the interview with you about a year ago?
GLEN: We've toured heavily since then, we just never came back out to
      California because our van situation has been pretty screwy but we're
      coming out hopefully in a month or two.

B.M.: Who's in SAMHAIN now?
GLEN: Right now just me, London and Eerie, 'cause we dropped Damien.

B.M.: What happened with Damien?
GLEN: Damien's a great guy, we're still friends, we just wanted to get a
      better guitar player.  He just needed to put out as much as we did on
      stage.  He's a good guitar player, not just for SAMHAIN.

B.M.: What are you looking for then?
GLEN: We're looking for someone very aggressive, someone who can play killer
      leads, somebody who can like not play traditional guitar stuff, ya know
      what I mean?

B.M.: I heard you tried out Chris Smith from BATTALION OF SAINTS, he's a hot
      guitarist, what happened there?
GLEN: Yea, he did, that's one of the only things I liked about the BATS was
      the guitar, we tried him out twice but it just didn't work out.

B.M.: What are you gonna do for a guitarist for when you tour?
GLEN: That's not a major problem, we can get a friend to come out with us or
      we'll probably have someone by then, we still have lots of people to
      try out.

B.M.: What I like in SAMHAIN is the moods you set, and the sounds that are in
      the songs, like "Unbridled" how you put those monster groans in the
      background I thought were really cool.
GLEN: Yeah, that's the kinda thing I wanna do for instance for the opening of
      I guess whether it goes on the new album or the 12", there's this sound
      track thing, it's kinda like a horror sound track and I guess it's
      about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes long, it's pretty cool.

B.M.: I think it's great how you keep your music toned with a horror sound,
GLEN: There's also one killer fast song, there's just tons of different

B.M.: I know you're into comix, would you say you format alot of your musical
      styles around that?
GLEN: The MISFITS yes, but SAMHAIN no, I think SAMHAIN is a little more
      realistic.  It's getting to the point now where SAMHAIN is getting so
      serious it's kinda like maybe time for me to add a little levity to it,
      I don't know.

B.M.: What are your words about in SAMHAIN, the lyrics?
GLEN: Ahh, tons of stuff, about things I'm feeling, violence man-made
      violence, y our own violence, psychological stuff.

B.M.: I love gore and violence, in a comical and moody way, it's good stuff.
GLEN: I've enjoyed it's feeling.
      NOTE: (Phone kinda garbled a second here, couldn't make out a couple

B.M.: Well I know the MISFITS had a style of violence and gore, and your
      saying SAMHAIN's kinda violent?
GLEN: SAMHAIN is sort of a cerebral approach, it's all a natural progression.

B.M.: Are you sick and tired of hearing about the MISFITS?
GLEN: No, it's cool, I don't care.

B.M.: Well, 'cause it's all under Plan 9 and it's still benefitting you.
GLEN: I wrote all the songs, they all have their place.