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Unreleased Recordings

  02//1978: C.I. RECORDING; NEW YORK, NY

    Static Age | TV Casualty | Some Kinda Hate | Last Caress
    Return Of The Fly | Hybrid Moments | We Are 138 | Teenagers From Mars
    Come Back | Angelfuck | Hollywood Babylon | Attitude | Bullet
    Theme For A Jackal

  Format:    Audio.
  Time:      30 minutes.
  Notes:     This recording of the mix-down tape is the most complete one
             available.  It features the 14 songs that were intended to be 
             released on the STATIC AGE album in 1978.  This recording was 
             made from the 7.5ips mix-down master tapes, and includes the 
             microphone pop at the end of "Come Back" and talking before 
             "Theme For A Jackal", both of which were edited out of the 
             official release.  A tape of eight of the songs was made from 
             Glenn's original tapes and distributed by Curtis Casella in 
             1986.  The songs were, in order, "Static Age," "TV Casualty," 
             "Some Kinda Hate," "Return Of The Fly," "Hybrid Moments," "Come 
             Back," "Angelfuck," and "Teenagers From Mars."

    20 Eyes | I Turned Into A Martian | Astro Zombies | Nike A Go Go
    All Hell Breaks Loose | Devils Whorehouse

  Format:    Audio.
  Time:      13 minutes.
  Notes:     The last four songs on this copy of the mix-down tape have 
             appeared on many bootleg releases, including A WALK AMONG THE 
             DEAD.  The master tapes for this session were lost and several
             of these recordings have never been officially released.
  1981: WALK AMONG US (Plan 9 Records)

    20 Eyes | I Turned Into A Martian | Astro Zombies | Vampira
    All Hell Breaks Loose | Nike A Go Go | Devils Whorehouse
    Night Of The Living Dead | Skulls | Violent World | Horror Hotel
    Ghouls Night Out | American Nightmare

  Format:    Audio.
  Time:      30 minutes.
  Session:   [08//1980 Master Sound] (songs 11-12)
             [06//1981 Newfound Sound Studios] (songs 7, 13)
             [08//1981 Mix-O-Lydian] (songs 1-4, 6)
             [1981 Mix-O-Lydian]     (songs 5, 8-10)
  Notes:     This recording includes the 13 songs that were meant to be on
             the proposed Plan 9 Records version of WALK AMONG US from 1981
	     (see MERCHANDISE section) that was not released.  Songs 1-7 can 
             be found on the VAMPIRA bootleg CD.
    Earth A.D. (instrumental) | We Bite | Demonomania 
    Wolfs Blood (instrumental) | Queen Wasp (instrumental) | Devilock
  Format:    Audio.
  Time:      10 minutes.
  Notes:     This tape features all but one of the demos recorded at the
             Unicorn Records warehouse studio in Santa Monica.  This 
             recrording is often referred to as "The Spot Sessions."