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DOYLE FAN CLUB Letter #9, January 1990



 To whom it may concern,
      I'm pissed off with the abuse the people in The Doyle Fan Club are
 giving me.  For $3.00, no one on planet earth would give you more than me.
 Just the memberships cost $3.00, then there was the July update letter,
 then 15,000 free stickers and picks.  My product is of the highest quality
 and this takes time.  If you have a problem send your phone number.  I
 called who ever sent one, the rest I had to write letters to, which takes
 too-much time.  We are a new record label so people don't jump for me as
 quick as I would like them too.  The inside is full color- I had to check
 3 proofs until I picked a type you could read.  Four times the lyrics had
 to be corrected.  I was not able to final proof the C.D. lyrics because you
 people are up my ass.  I won't sacrifice qualtiy to be prompt.  If you're
 to impatient don't order my product.  My phone number is (201) 764-3700.

 Cassettes: Came in January 13th, all cassette orders will be out the
            following week.

 C.D.'s: Will not be in until February 1st (at the earliest) anyone who
         ordered a C.D. will receive a cassette (FREE) I'm sorry for the
         delay, but it's the best I can do for now.

 X-Mas Packages:  I'm not going to wait for C.D's to mail X-Mas Specials.
                  I'm expecting hats and flashlights for January 17tn, so
                  that will leave only a C.D. to be mailed.  Everyone who
                  orders a X-Mas Special gets a hat.  If you receive your
                  X-mas Special without a hat that means it will come with
                  your C.D.

 I'm sorry for the delay but it's worth the wait.

 Keep the faith, Believe!

 Mo the Great