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DOYLE FAN CLUB Letter #7, 1989


 In August of 1987, I Incorperated Kryst the Conqueror, The Doyle Fan Club,
 and Cyclopean Music.  So its taken over 2 years to finally achieve what
 I've wanted my whole life .........  The Perfect Band. It's unfortunate
 that in the late 70's, the Misfits were handled like a garage band and was
 never guided to a course of greatness.  The Misfit project was always
 compromising and never dealt in a professional manner.
       Kryst the Conqueror, for this reason, is far superior than anything
 I've ever done.  There is unity among its members, like a family, that will
 give it strength to rise above the bullshit of the music industry.  If you
 do not like this E.P., don't buy anything we ever do because this is what
 we've been searching for and having achieved the formula everything we do
 will sound like this!
       This five song E.P. will be offered, first to the Doyle Fan Club
 members and any copies not sold to the fan club members will then be
 distributed.  We have advertised exclusively in R.I.P's December-February
 and the inside cover of the Best of R.I.P 1989.  These ads will give you
 and indication of our new look.  The Cyclopean Music logo will soon be a
 shirt and so will the Kryst The Conqueror logo.  I'll keep you informed as
 to when you can buy them.  Anyone bootlegging any of my trade marked
 products will be prosecuted and I will personally kick their ass.  I have
 retained the law firm who handles Elvis Presley to handle my Kryst the
 Conqueror and Misfits transactions, so if you have any questions as to what
 you can do without a law suit being slapped on your ass call Linda Edell
 (212) 830-9300.  Warning: Damages are payed back at a 3 to 1 basis, so do
 not bootleg my product- or I'll break you.
       I'd like to thank Dave (The Snake) Sabo for playing lead on "Trial
 of the Soul".  He's an outstanding musician.  This record was produced by
 Rick Iantosca and recorded at The House of Music. (201) 736-3062


 QUANTITY                ITEM                  PRICE                  AMOUNT
                         C.D.                  15.00
                         CASSETTE              10.00
                   SPECIAL X-MAS PACKAGE:      25.00
               Includes: 1 C.D., 1 Cassette,
               10 Bumper.Stickers, 1 Kryst the
               Conqueror Flashlight

 PLEASE PRINT:                                 TOTAL:                 $_____
 NAME:                                         MEMBER #:
 CITY:          STATE:               ZIP CODE:


 Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.  We pay the postage and when there
 gone, thats it.  MEMBERS ONLY!!!  If your not a member send $3.00 to
 The Doyle Fan Club, PO Box 310 Vernon, NJ 07462 and we'll send you an
 order form.