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DOYLE FAN CLUB Letter #5, July 13, 1989

July 13, 1989


To make a long story short, we were not "completely" satisfied with our
album, so in February we decided to start from scratch.  It takes some
balls and alot of guts to come back and take another shot.  When you hear
this album I hope you realize, "That's what life's about".  Getting up
again! and again!

Alot of our great new items in the Doyle Fan Club had to be put on the
back burner.  The JERRY ONLY poster is ready but is still on hold!!  The
CYCLOPEAN MUSIC (Black shirt- mulit color log) T-shirt is still not out.
(Still free to first 100 members)  So be patient, we're behind but we're
gonna make our move real soon!

Sometimes you gotta dig deep to do what you know is right.  Our new band
"KRYST THE CONQUEROR" can be destruction or a new world.  We plan to
release 5 songs off our new album, "Deliver us from evil", First on "CD"
and "cassette".  These are promo copies first open exclusively to radio
and The Doyle Fan Club.

That's what this whole fan club is about "our new album".  We're preparing
a press release for this fall.  At which time the opening letter of this
release will be sent to anyone who has entered The Doyle Fan Club.  An
order form for C.D.'s and cassettes, will also be included.

Today we're shipping fan members 11,500-11,800 their memberships.  The Doyle
posters are almost gone and picks are on back order.  Obviously alot of
gutiars players because the picks are great!  Oh!  If the picks come in
I'll throw you all one, then you'll know that they came in!

I'm planning to release an attack of Kryst merchandise for Christmas.  At
this time Kryst membership card, will be issued to Doyle Fan Club
members..... and Oh! Here's a new Doyle card.


Mo The Great