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DOYLE FAN CLUB Letter #4, 1988


The Doyle Fan Club would like to welcome all the college radio stations
to our organization.  Since our break-up in 1983, Doyle and I have been
experimenting with our own designs on guitars, equipment, and of course
music.  We feel confident that our breakthroughs in these areas have
given us a band not of the 80's but a force that will take the 90's by
storm.  We have the best band that has ever walked God's good earth.  This
band is to emerge in 1989 and the Doyle Fan Club is just a way to let the
old Misfits fans know that we are back.  We will have a Jerry Only poster
out before Christmas and will immediately send you one.  We have sent
along a sheet for the names and addresses of your employees, which we
will send them a free membership package.

We will keep you posted on our merchandise and our new releases, but you
must send in your name and address!!

Thanks and hope you enjoy our music.

Mo The Great
(The late Jerry Only)