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"York Police Keep Close Eye on Crowd Waiting to Hear Band"

By Tina Schatz - Daily Record Staff

They lined up along South Beaver Street in York hoping to see a 7p.m. show.
But at 8p.m., the 350 to 400 punk rock fans in front of the Phenix Night
Club still waited, and waited...
A sound system failed inside the club a little before the Misfits showed was
scheduled to begin. Club employees, worried that they would have a riot on
their hands, called police.
Soon after, a call went out over the police radio: All officers on duty
should report to City Hall. The club is around the corner from there.
By 8p.m., about 10 officers, all of those on duty, stood across the street
from the punk rock fans. One of the officers openly carried a nightstick.
Meanwhile, a group of young men from Baltimore stood at the end of the line.
"There's a whole bunch of people standing out here," a soft-spoken teen-ager
in the group said. "Obviously the cops think something's going to happen."
Management at the club feared the teens would be angry upon learning that
they had stood waiting, sometimes in the rain, for nothing.
"Most of them are level-headed," said Pete Carli, who identified himself as
the club owner's son. "but there are a few we might have a problem with."
Sgt. Larry Brunner said the crowd was fairly well behaved. Some of the
teen-agers and young adults yelled occasionally for the doors to open.
"It was just a show of force so that we wouldn't have a problem," Brunner
said of the police presence at the show. "They have 20 security guards
Police arrested two men for for public drunkenness and one for disorderly
Cynthia Mead of Stroudsburg dropped her son off at the show. She said she
was glad the police were on hand but unhappy with the club for not telling
the kids there was a sound problem.
"If they were adults, someone would have told them what was going on," she
There were no other problems.
The show began about 2 and one-half hours late, after all of the guests were
searched at the door.
The Misfits formed in the late 1970s and were popular in the early 1980s,
re-forming in 1993.

"Close to 400 punk rock fans waited outside the Phenix Night Club for more
than two hours Wednesday night while a sound system was fixed. The Misfits
were scheduled to perform."