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Electric Witch #1

Published by Dark Muse Productions, it's a
collection of short stories and poetry by A.J. Ryan.
Here's a bit from a story called "Black Macabre":

        And then it happened.  Joey kicked out an almost perfect four/four, 
the band leapt out of back-lit coffins, and in a crash shattered all the 
windows of the club and blew the first few rows of people to the floor.  
Bobby burnt the metal so ferocious, he sprayed blood across Jerry, the first 
three rows, and then some.  Glenn sang a few words as evil as their very 
definitions, and with an impetus that felt threatening to the soul.  He 
hardly moved as he sang, dipped his head into the crowd , and they all sang 
along.  His devilock hung well past his nose in front of a bloodless face, 
and his eyes were so dark you couldn't see the whites.  His voice was 
perfect, she thought, like an evil Elvis: young, wild, dressed in black, and 
very dead.  Eyes that were like a shark's: still, cold, and empty.
        "The Ramones from a green hell, they are," she screamed in delight.  
"Put New Jersey on the map.  How can we ever thank them?  How can New Jersey 
ever recuperate?"
        "What crypt did these fiends crawl out of?" someone laughed.  "Get 
the stakes and kill them while we got the chance."
        "That has already been tried," she interjected." "That kinda evil 
never dies."
        They sang songs about faces turned inside-out, skulls, the rain of 
blood, JFK, a London dungeon, and the dead rising in a starte of 
somnambulism.  She envisioned one of her most beloved movies, that was now 
being sung about.

You can order "Electric Witch" for $5.00 + $1 P&H per book from:

Dark Muse Productions, c/o Daniel D. Burr, 8524 Hwy 6 N #323, Houston, Texas 
77095.  Make checks and money orders payable to "Dark Muse Productions"