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                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

               VIOLENT WORLD - A Tribute To The Misfits
                     Release date: February 11, 1997

 Imagine mixing Metal, Hardcore, East and West Coast Punk, Krishnacore and
 Vegan Straight Edge with the outrageous b-movie horror fixation of the
 Misfits.  You'd have the Violent World: a homage to one of the greatest
 punk rock bands ever by some of the best hard rock bands of the 1990's,
 bands that would not be the same today without the Misfits.

 Violent World consisits of 14 never-before-released Misfits covers which
 were recorded exclusively for this record.   Many of these bands including
 Snapcase, Therapy? and Pennywise have added these versions to their live
 sets, further preaching the Misfits evergrowing legacy to new legions of
 fans across the country and around the world.

 The bands on this compilation chose what song to cover and with whom they
 would record it.  They chose people like the legendary hardcore guru Don
 Fury, producer of CIV and Quicksand, who recorded both the Bouncing Souls
 and Sick Of It All tracks and Bill Stevenson, of Descendents, ALL and
 Black Flag fame, who produced the Shades Apart track.

                                 Track List:
                               Snapcase - She
                          Pennywise - Astro Zombies
                           Shades Apart - 20 Eyes
                           Tanner - T.V. Casualty
                       Therapy? - Where Eagles Dare
                           Prong- London Dungeon
                         108 - Death Comes Ripping
               Bouncing Souls - Mommy, Can I Go Out Kill Tonight
                       Goldfinger - Ghouls Night Out
                         Deadguy - Horror Business
                   Sick Of It All - All Hell Breaks Loose
                            NOFX - Last Caress
                         Earth Crisis - Earth A.D.
                       Farside - Return Of The Fly

 Violent World Contest

 Prize: A complete set of the "Violent World" colored vinyl (4 colors),
        poster, postcard

 Match the following statements with the band it pertains to:
 A. Snapcase
 B. Pennywise
 C. Shades Apart
 D. Tanner
 E. Therapy?
 F. Prong
 G. 108
 H. Bouncing Souls
 1. Goldfinger
 J. Deadguy
 K. Sick Of It All
 M. Earth Crisis
 N. Farside

 1. This band can sometimes be found playing around town under the pseudonym
    of The Alleyway Crew.
 2. A New Jersey band who wears their obsession with 1980's movies like
    "Better Off Dead" on their sleeves.
 3. Their first two records came out on the obscure indie label Wiija before
    being re-titled and compiled for release in the United States.
 4. "Violent World" features this band's first recording with their new
    guitarist whose predecessor has gone on to form his new band, Kite
    Eating Tree.
 5. In support of their debut album they opened up for punk legends the Sex
    Pistols, the Buzzcocks and Bad Religion.
 6. Their politically and socially charged message has been featured on CNN
    and Mtv.
 7. Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" was covered on an early 7" and is still a
    staple of their live set.
 8. They've toured with fellow San Diego bands Rocket From The Crypt and
    Drive Like Jehu.
 9. Now broken up, they band played their final show ever at CBGB's this past
 10. They have consistently worked with producer Bill Stevenson (current
     member of the Descendents and former member of All and Black Flag).
 11. The drummer auditioned for the Misfits while performing "Horror
     Business", "20 Eyes" and "Mommy..." with Jerry and Doyle.
 12. Their singeribassist has a license plate that says "Punk Guy."
 13. Released an album which has an employee of the band's label calling up
     Chinese restaurants and asking for "vegan chicken."
 14. They've had songs reworked by Alex Patterson (Orb) and J.G. Thirwell