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Ugly Things #14 p.44-45, Fall 1995


Late last year Jerry Only and Doyle finally settled their hard fought lawsuit
against Glenn Danzing and Caroline Records, in the process of receiving their
share of performace royalities for records sold since the bands break up in
1983 (Glenn had been the only Misfit earning money from Caroline's Plan 9
back catalog).  More importantly, as part of the settlement, Jerry and Doyle
now have the right to use the Misfits name again.  So, with business taken
care of, the Misfits are back in operation.

As Glenn is not interested in participating, the search has been on for a new
singer to join Jerry, Doyle, and new drummer Chud in the new Misfits line-up.
Damned singer Dave Vanian has be approached and, reportedly, is interested.
"He'd be perfect for the band," says Jerry.  "He's got the whole vampire
thing goin'."

The original Misfits horror image and sound will remain the same; the only
changes are a more positive, focused attitude and tighter musicianship.  The
band's core have been rehearsing solidly for several years now in their
hideaway in the New Jersey countryside, playing a set of Misfits favorites
along with a handful of new songs.  The object is for the Misfits to do an
extensive American tour so that a new generation of fans can see and hear
them in action.

Jerry and Doyle have already made several public appearances as the Misfits.
Jerry was the first to emerge from hiding with an appearance in full Misfits
regalia at the Chiller Theatre Horror Convention at the Meadowlands Hilton,
New Jersey, in October 1994.  Comic book artist Doug Evil and I (and later in
the day, Ron Rimsite) accompanied Jerry and witnessed a virtual mob scene as
fans swamped the table for free posters, autographs, guitar picks, and

I was also there for the next Chiller Convention in April.  This time the
Misfits presense expanded to include both Jerry and Doyle and a huge cemetery
exhibit (constructed by "other" Caiafa brother, Kenny, who is also the band's
manager).  The convention also debuted a new line of high quality Misfits
merchandise including two new T-shirts, the Earth AD wall plaque, and the
amazing 18 inch tall Jerry Only resin model kit (a Doyle model is in the

The new Misfits (Misfits AD? After Danzig?) are trying to counteract the
stream of inferior quality Misfits merchandise already on the market by
working closely with the artists and manufacturers to ensure not only quality
but also a product that is ture to the band's image and attitude.  The
Misfits name is important to them.

One artist who they've struck up a friendship with is the legendary Basil
Gogos, the artist reponsible for so many of the great Famous Monsters of
Filmland covers.  His first piece for the Misfits is based on one of Jerry's
favorite old Famous Monsters covers and features the Crimson Ghost in a Santa
Claus outfit.  The design is already on a shirt and will be used for an
upcoming Caroline/Plan 9 album, Max's Xmas.  The album is an amazing live
performance at Max's Kansas City in December 1978.  It feature Bullet/Static
Age/Horror Business period material along wtih a savage rip-through of Elvis'
"Blue Christmas"--Glenn does an uncanny impersonation of the King on the song
and then the bands segues into a storming "We Are 138."  Wild!

Also in the pipeline is the release of the Static Age album in its original
form.  Recorded in early 1978 by the lne-up featuring Glenn, Jerry, Franche
Coma, and Mr. Jim, the 13 song album was intended for release on Mercury
Records.  When the label decided to pass, the tapes were shelved with the
exception of 4 cuts which made it onto the Bullet EP, released that year on
the band's own Plan 9 label.  After the band broke up, Glenn exhumed the
tapes and for reasons known only to himself, overdubbed new bass, guitar, and
maybe even drum tracks onto seven of the Static Age cuts.  The butchered
versions were included on the shoddy Legacy of Brutality package.  Anyone
who's heard the original tapes can tell you just how superior the original
recordings are--the album's a fucking masterpiece.  If it had come out back
in '78 it wouldn't blown away any of the other punk rock albums out there in
terms of songwriting, performance, and just sheer power.  Look for its
release of Caroline/Plan 9 sometime soon.

In June I met up with Jerry and Kind again in San Francisco, where--thanks to
the organizational skills of Michael Lucas--three days of instore appearances
and radio interviews were lined up.  The long weekend was a roaring success,
highlughts being the Ice Cream Wheel Of Death, a crush of yong punks at
Berkley's Tower Records, a trip to the haunted Winchester House in San Jose
(where the Count Five took the shots on the back cover of their Psychotic
Reaction album), a wonton-stuffed interview on KZSU Stanford, and a
tumultuous final night of revelry at the downtown Mariott.  "The best time
I've had in years," says Jerry.  (Thanks to all who participated in any and
all of this--you know who you are).

At press time the band are working on a TV pilot based on the old Chiller
Theater format.  From a castle dungeon set Jerry and Doyle will host some of
the best vintage horror movies and introduce guests including actors,
directors, artists, and special effects guys.  Zacherle and Basil Gogos are
already lined up as celebrity guests, and movies scheduled so far include
Horror Hotel, The Hideous Sun Demon, and The Crawling Eye.  "It's not going
to be like the corny Elvira thing where she's always making fun of them,"
explains Jerry, "We're going to actually make it like a documentary on each
movie and try and bring in a guest for it that coincided with what the movie
is about."

There are dozens of others plans buzzin' around, including a Misfits comic
book (drawn by Doug Evil and written by me, in collaboration with Doug and
Jerry), a box set of all the Plan 9 singles (on vinyl and CD), videos, more
model kits, custom guitars, and lost more.  These guys have boundless energy
and ideas, so watch out--anything could happen and probably will...

While I'm at it, I should also plug Mark Kennedy and his Misfits Book.  An
invaluable resource available via E-mail or regular mail, it is a
comprehensive discography and catalog of information on the Misfits and
related bands.  Official releases, bootlegs, live tapes, sessions, tour
dates, video footage, articles, line-up changes and chronology are all
included and the information is constantly being updated.  For more
information write to Mark Kennedy, 3283 Tilton Valley Drive, Fairfax, VA
22033-1804.  Email:

[This article includes several pictures with the following captions:
 Above: Jerry meets Zacherle.
        Chiller Convention, Meadowlands, NJ.  April 1995.
 Right: Autograph session at Tower Recorsd, Berkeley, CA. June 1995.

 Top Left:     Artwork by Doug Evil.
 Top Right:    Doyle & Jerry, Chiller Convention, April 1995.
 Bottom Right: Psychotic Reaction! Jerry at the Winchester House.
               San Jose, CA. June 1995.
 Bottom Left:  Jerry making friends at the Chiller Convention, October 1994.]