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Mishap on Misfits Tour

We'd like to extend our apologies to all the members of The Misfits seems
there was a little problem with singer, MICHALE GRAVES, STEALING OUR BREAD
every night!  Apparently, Graves had an ongoing problem with yeast
addiction and had taken to stealing loaves from the opening acts.  At
first, we thought it was kind of funny, but as the tour progressed, we
found ourselves without any means to make decent sandwiches, and so,
Henry decided to hide in the closet of our dressing room one night.  It
seems that the young vocalist would remove his chain-laden seems that
clothing and boots and tiptoe into the room with a tophat on (if any of
you were at any of the shows, he often wore his hat onstage).  Then,
Henry actually witnessed him put the bread UNDER the tophat and PUT

As he was trying to sneak out, Henry jumped out of the closet, catching
Graves in the act!  Denials were endless and eventually, the other members
of The Misfits tried to make excuse for Graves' habt, but, in the end,
Graves admitted to his evil deed and PROMISED us he would seek help.  We
wish Michale the best of luck in his recovery...  "He who steals bread
gets no better!"

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