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unknown, 1993

'ATTITUDE' - The Misfits ('Beware', '80)

Anyone who's seen the Gunners live will know this particular snot-nosed
piece of aural thuggery which Duff usually throws in and spits his way
through.  Amazingly enough though, were it not for the patronage of GN'R
and Metallica, chances are that The Misfits would have been relegated as
a Punk footnote in American Rock history.  As it is, Glenn Danzig and
his Gothic Punk mates happen to have made a ton of moolah from endless
Misfits reissues - all as a result of their Metal pals' endorsements.  The
'Beware' 12-inch is notoriously hard to find, although you get the nagging
feeling that a CD reissue may be just around the corner.

Of course, in '93 The Misfits are every Metal kid's fave punk combo.
Shame no one in the UK dug 'em when they toured here in '79 with the Damned!