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Uunknown Interview, 1986

Mr. Danzig answered to this short letter-interview "quite shortly".

Have you found that any musicians from other bands that you've been
friends with over the years have totally changed their attitudes in a
more positive or negative way, and if so, who?

Yes, too many to name, for the most part they have become total assholes.
I hate most people.

What are some of your favorite horror films?

Final Conflict, Omen III, Halloween II, Hills Have Eyes, Basketcase,
Howling, and David Cronenberg stuff.

Do you ever read Fangoria Magazine?

I used to but it pretty much sucks nowadays.

Did the Misfits ever do any cover songs?

Yes, Rat Fink but we fixed it up.  There is also a version of Iggy's "I Got
A Right" from "Earth A.D." sessions as yet unreleased.

Is there any way that Misfits fans can get a hold of the Brain Eaters video,
and any other vidoes that you might of made?

Not at this moment.

How often do Samhain play out?

1 big tour a year and some 2 week mini-tours here and there.

What is the significance of the number 138 in the song, "WE ARE 138"?

Figure it out yourself.

Is the Misfits Fiend Club still around, and if so, what is its address?

No, but you can still get shirts + stuff.  P.O. Box 696, Lodi, NJ 07644

Is the song, "SHE" about Patti Hearst, and if not, who is the song about?

Yes, it is about Patty Hearst.

Do you plan on pursuing anything other than that of musical endeavors (such
as: film, books, art, etc...) in the future?

Yes, film + books are on the imminent horizon.

It would seem, that with both Samhain and Plan 9 Records to be constantly
kept up with that you would have very little time to yourself.  What do
you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

What spare time!!

Are you still in contact with Robo, Jerri, or Doyle?


Do you run PLAN 9 RECORDS by yourself?