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TROUSER PRESS, August 1982


  For a long time New York was considered a joke, with only artsy bands
getting any coverage.  Ever since the "original" punks like Blondie and the
Ramones moved on, the local punk scene has been squelched by music magazines
that would rather ignore what's happening than report with any objectivity.
The city does have a hardcore scene though, and outspoken touring bands like
the Bad Brains (originally from DC) and the Misfits will tell you New York
is all right for hardcore.  Among the faithful are Kraut, the Undead,
Nihilistics, Heart Attack, Reagan Youth, Misguided, Even Worse, the
Bloodcots and many more.  The Big Apple is one of the few cities with
regular hardcore shows at both the clubs and on the radio.  Just over the
Hudson are the New Jersey suburbs (home of the Misfits) with teenage hardcore
fans and a handful of bands all their own.