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TOXIC FANZINE, p.4-7, 1987



Jerry Only was intervied by phone by Chris Sukios.

C.S: Jerry, what was the beginning of the Misfits like?
JERRY: Well, at first we were just some garage band trying to make a couple
of bucks.  When we put out our first album (Cough/Cool) we thought that 
would be it (Glenn, Manny and I).  After a couple of weeks we dropped Manny
and after continous searching we found Bobby Steele and Joey Image.  They
both fucking cranked on stage but Joey had an attitude problem.  We put out
a couple of albums with them and then on stage at the Irving Plaza concert
we got rid of Bobby Steele and my brother Doyle played.  A couple of weeks
later we found Joey breaking into my house so me and Doyle kicked the living
shit out of him.  We probably broke both his legs.

Anyway, we need a drummer, and fast!  We tried out about 25 until one day in
Queens we found Googy.  He was the best drummer we had.  His beat, tempo,
and rhythm were very steady.  His performance on stage was fucking great.
He was the best!

As our legacy moves on, Googy didn't last long for the same reasons.  He
couldn't get along with Glenn either.  After a while it seemed pretty obvious
to us that Glenn was a real pain in the ass.  Whatever we wanted to do,
Glenn wanted to do the opposite.  If we wanted a van, Glenn wanted a bus.
We were basically fed up with his shit in a big way.  The last and final try
we had a success and fame was a drummer named ROBO.  He came from Columbia
and he knew how to play the drums o.k.  The difference between him and
Googy was that Robo was in it for the pleasure, Googy was in it for the
money.  The other difference was that Googy was a better drummer.

We picked up Robo from Black Flag, but he could be very offbeat.  He was a
regular hardcore drummer.  As usual, Glenn got his period and on Halloween
the 'Fits broke up.

C.S: What do you guys do now?
JERRY: We were for our dad in Vernon, Valley, NJ in a engineer shop.  I have
two kids and a wife.  Doyle is single.

C.S: What do you do in your spare time?
JERRY: We make guitars for a friend of mine.  They're coming out on the
market soon.  We basically have no real time now that we are working for my

C.S: What about Robo?
JERRY: Robo works at my dad's driving trucks and helping out.

C.S: Do you guys still talk to Glenn?
JERRY: As far as I am concerned, Glenn can suck my dick.  He cheated us out
of a lot of money and taped over our sound tracks on albums and put his own
on there so he could have the rights to the albums.  He is a little shit on
the face of the earth.  He is too fucked up in his demonic shit and music
that he doesn't have a real personality.

C.S: Did Glenn copy over the soundtracks that you guys did?
JERRY: On the stuff we did with Steele, Image, etc. - no, he didn't.  But
when we picked up Doyle, he started to get that idea.  He still owes us a lot
of money.

C.S: Were you ever into the stuff Glenn is into?
JERRY: I liked toys a lot so I spent a lot of money on it.  What a waste!
Now I have about $3000 worth of toys in my attic.  As far as the religion
goes, I am totally anti that shit.  It is ridiculous.

C.S: How many basses do you have?
JERRY: I had 13 but I smashed them all except for one that I still play.

C.S: Did Doyle ever get hit by a bottle?
JERRY: No, it came close but never hit him.  When we found the guy we kicked
the shit out of him.  Probably broke both his legs.

C.S: How old are you now?
JERRY: I am 27 and Doyle is about 22.

C.S: Do you guys still play your instruments?
JERRY: Yeah, we still jam and play our shit.  On Fridays after work, me,
Doyle and Robo jam for the guys at the shop.  It's pretty sick.

C.S: Do you plan to ever get your money from Glenn?
Jerry: No!  That little cock sucker can eat shit for all I care.  I don't
care about the money, I just hope that he leaves us alone before me and the
Misfits go over there and smear his face all over the ground.  There is not
much to say about a 31 year old man who plays with toys.

C.S: Well, sorry, got to split but do have anything to add?
JERRY: Well, yeah.  Hang loose!!

...and with that note I leave you wisdom from the dark unknown.
For additional info call 922-7393 (ask for CHRIS)