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[This article was reprinted from a 1979 issue of Touch And Go.]

THE MISFITS / A Perspective 

What's to follow won't be a record review - nor is it going to be an
interview, live review, or history lesson.  For this page is to contain
a good old-fashioned fan rant.  Ahh yes remember the fan?  You know of
course fan is the root of fanatic, and the fanaticism I feel is for one
band only... The Misfits.  The reason Rajj devotees no longer exist,
is more people seem to enjoy wallowing in the hype-n'-fashion politics
that force so many into the adoration of the marketably chic sector.
The fact remains that The Misfits stand alone as the best band ever in
the history of recorded music.  Sure we all have moods - we don't buy
records - we buy moods - (right I read that somewhere).  It's punk to
get up - doom to drop it back down, but only The Misfist seem capable
of dropping into the slimepit of human spirit - and come up with a graphic
portrayal of life as a truly gothic, aggressive go-round.  3 singles have
documented and what is really keeping me going these days is the fact that
my band is going to be hitting the midwest this summer.  4 raw individuals
blazing a black trail into the human glue factory.  In actuality I have a
friend who would have been more aplty suited to write such a feature for
she as seen my beloved live and even proudly displays a bruised and battered
5a that was hastily discarded in a fit of out of control pounding at the
4th St. Saloon out east somewhere - yet another venue willing to risk
freeing these gods on an unsuspecting public.  But the problem lies in my
friend's inability to discussor even deal with The Misfits' attitudes and
the eventuality of her efforts is always the same... pooped underpants.  So
it is I herein attempting the articulate and express my
emotion and adulation - but as is usually the case, the semantics fail me
when I need them most.  For it is written I am domoninated... driven like a
vixen in heat whenever I hear the strains of any of their classic material.
They dominate my sexual fantasies (as my poor boyfriend will admit).  The
decadence so permeates the room... every time they play... just for me...
The Misfits...
                 Sally Barrett

Write The Misfits...
c/o The Misfits Fiend Club, 145 W. 27th St. 2E, NY, NY 10001