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Touch and Go #18, Fall 1981

The Misfits were interviewed by Brian Hylan at Bookies in Detroit 9-81.

BH:  Is this an official tour or what?

Glenn:  Well we're heading to New York now and then we're going to San
Francisco and L.A.  Then we come and do the whole fucking thing over again.

BH:  Are you playing here again?

Glenn:  Yeah, in the middle of October.

BH:  Do you do any old stuff anymore.  That stuff at soundcheck I'd never
heard before.

Jerry:  You should've been there last night. (Chicago)

Glenn:  That stuff's off our new album.

BH:  When's it coming out?

Glenn:  About two weeks.  The problem with us is that we had an album done
but no one knows how to record us and we never like the album.

BH:  Did you re-issue "Night of the Living Dead"?

Glenn:  No way.

Googy:  Go to Bleecker Bob's (NYC) they have the last few copies.

Glenn:  It was a Halloween free thing we did.

BH:  That "Who Killed Marylin?" single.  Who played on that?  Is it the
Misfits or just you?

Glenn:  Just me.

BH:  Who played on it?

Glenn:  I did everything on it.

Googy:  I think it sucks, myself.  (guffaw)

Glenn:  Oh, come on, you're better than Tom Snyder.

BH:  Is Plan 9 your own label?

Glenn:  No there are other bands on it.  Our old guitarits has a record
coming out on it.

Googy:  The Undead.

Glenn:  There was another band on it a long time ago.  The Victims.  It really
sucked though.

BH:  Is that from Plan 9 from Outer Space?

Glenn:  Yeah.

Googy:  There is a new Fiend Club, did you know that?  It's 3112 Grand
Central Station, NY NY 10016.  If you want you can use the zip plus four
code, but it's not in effect for two more years.

Glenn:  The old Fiend Club was run by a bunch of jerks.  We run this one.

Googy:  Jerry and I get the mail.  I read it on the bus, so don't send any
letter bombs or I'll blow up.

Glenn:  We're gonna make a Misfits catalog.  You know, Misfits beach towels.

Googy:  All sorts of shit, lunch boxes, and if we really get into it, socks
and stuff.

Glenn:  Hey, if you guys ever come across any dead animals on the road or
something, cut the fuckin' heads off and send them to us.

BH:  I've got a cat head if you want it.

Glenn:  Definately.

Googy:  You like a dear head or a horses head.

BH:  What was the Monster Movie Club like?

Glenn:  It was cool, we just went there and hung out.

BH:  Can you get lyrics from the Fiend Club?

Glenn:  Our new album has a lyric sheet.

BH:  On "Bullet" was that Bobby Steele or not, (Franche' Coma).

Glenn:  No, it was somebody else.

Barry:  I told you, you dick!

Googy:  Why don't you guys come to a part at our hotel room?  Bring all the
nice girls you can find.

BH:  There probably won't be any choice ones.  Maybe a bunch of stew fed
Canadian ones.

Googy:  Great bring the Canadians!

Glenn:  Enough about fuckin horniness, Arthur!

BH:  When did the new line up start?

Googy:  Since the band got great, Me and Doyle.

Glenn:  That's Jerry's brother Doyle, he's always been with the band, but
kinda you know.

Googy:  He was always gonna be in the band, it was just a matter of time.

BH:  Is Mr. Jim in another band or anything?

Glenn:  We works at Crazy Eddie's....

BH:  Where are you going to play in D.C.?  9:30?

Glen:  Yeah.

Googy:  Chicago was great.  The people wouldn't leave.  They just kept comin'
down goin' play.  We said "Look we ain't got no guitars left, no strings"
They just wouldn't leave.

Glenn:  We played everyone we knew, all but two.

BH:  Is "3 Hits From Hell" going to be on the LP?

Glenn:  Two of them are.  Not "London Dungeon"

BH:  How many songs are on the album?

Glenn:  Guess.

BH:  Duhhh

Glenn:  13.

Googy:  It wasn't planned though.

Glenn:  Bullshit it wasn't planned.

BH:  What's the album called?

Glenn:  "The Misfits Walk Among Us"  "Night of the Living Dead" you can't get

Jerry:  You can't get the 12" either...

BH:  There's tons of those at a record store in Toledo.

Googy:  They go for 15 bucks in NY.

Andy:  They're in this one store where they have like a Barry Manilow record
and then yours truly right behind it.

Glenn:  It'll just eat right through his record.

Googy:  I don't believe that shit....

BH:  What's the skull from?  A movie or something?

Glenn:  Yeah, what is it "Crimson Ghost"?  (to Jerry)

Jerry:  Yep.

Glenn:  It's an old serial but it's just a cool skull.

Googy:  Hey, do you guys got any reefers?

BH:  No, we don't smoke.

Glenn:  GOOD!

Googy:  Oh yeah, I remember outside of Club 57!  I lit up a joint and they
started saying "Aw reefer sucks"  and all this shit.  About 90 people from

Glenn:  Good, they should have killed you.

Googy:  That's why I cut my hair, I said either join 'em or fuck it!  Black
Flag was a nutty concert!

Glenn:  I don't even care about Black Flag.

BH:  You don't like them at all?

Glenn:  NO.  I just said I don't care about them.  I like them.

BH:  Do you guys listen to any hardcore L.A. stuff?

Googy:  I sold all my records and stereo.

BH:  So did I.

Glenn:  I only buy records once in a while.  These guys (Jerry and Doyle) got
a few records.

Jerry:  They've got scratches and beer all over 'em!

Andy:  Do you guys have any direct influences or...

Glenn:  US!

Googy:  Everybody else is a wimp, right?  Nobody else rates.

BH:  Why did Bobby Steele quit?

Googy:  Bobby Steele got exterminated!

Jerry:  Bounced.

BJ:  We talked to him in New York and he said he quit.

Jerry:  It doesn't make any difference whether or not he quit--he's just

BH:  Well why did he quit (get booted)?

Glenn:  Cuz he wouldn't play fast enough.  Basically, that's it. I'm not
gonna pull no punches.

Googy:  He didn't get along with anyone either.

Glenn:  His influence is Jimi Hendrix, and I hate Jimi Hendrix...

Jerry:  He would always try to throw leads into songs and then he couldn't
play fast and he'd try to double up, like upstrokes. Like Chet Atkins.  We'd
say "No, that's cheating, we're not going to let you play thing're
out buddy..."

Glenn:  And when we recorded "London Dungeon" and everything he didn't show
up for a couple of things and said "let Doyle play for me" and we said, well
fuck it, why don't we just use Doyle cause he's playing with us at rehearsal
all the time, so fuck it.   We kicked him out.

Googy:  It was impossible to get Bobby to go to rehearsals.  He'd go once in
a blue moon!  Me, I'm out there 5 times a week prompt for practice.  These
guys know!

BH:  Did you really record "Horror Business" in a haunted house"?

Glenn:  What, you heard we didn't?

BH:  No, I was just wondering...

Googy:  That's my father's castle.  It's been in the family for years.

Glenn:  Bullshit.  They tore it down though.  It was in New Jersey on this
old long highway.  It's desolate and there are all these old military
training stables and shit with big mansions, you walk in the back and there
are these bottomless pits filled with water.  You fall in em and you fuckin'
die...we took a mobile unit and did it....

Matt:  Did it have a reputation for being haunted?

Glenn:  Yeah, it had a reputation.  I remember when I was a kid, we'd go
driving down there bombed out of our brains.  It's by the cliffs.  Why you
guys don't have any haunted houses down here?  People get wasted in those

Googy:  Don't forget, all the nice girls, there's a fuckin' party.

Glenn:  You should see the girls he fucks, most of them...

Googy:  It's physical, you know what I mean?  You fuck and shoot your load,
then on to the next town.

Glenn:  One of these times your gonna fuck one of those ugly chicks and
you'll pull out and nothing will come out with you.  It'll fall off inside!

Googy:  I always have the best girls in the world.  These guys are jealous.

Glenn:  Oh, fuck you.  He said he's a combination of Errol Flynn and Fred
Astaire and he's ou ton the dance floor fucking around and shit.

Jerry:  Errol Flynn!

Glenn:  Really...we were laughing for about a half hour.

Jerry:  Yeah, he keeps us jolly.