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   Across the asphalt horizon rises a quiet mist from the cold hard surface
sporadically covered by a murky oil spillage.  Cancerous garbage is strewn
about, blending with the brown slime that reflects a slowly moving shape.
A brisk wind rushes the morning chill smack into the visitor's face causing
his facial muscles to tense, warding against the ague assault.  The visitor
stops dead in oil laden tracks, adjusting the volume control of the musical
box, battling cold gusts with harmonious barrages of intense energy.
Quickly, a fearless gust pulls away with some musical nots.  Like a thief
conquering the goods, the melodies echo off into the distant achitectual
surroundings.  Silently, undetected by the loud blasts from a box, a pair
of decomposed arms arise from the mucus oil pond, grasping, rapidly sucking
the visitor into the ooze as the music gurgles to a nil.  A piece of paper
falls off the visitor and drifts gradually down into the oil muc -- all that
would remain o fthe loud guest, a newsprint sheet with the words Puszone
inscribed on it.  Welcome, my friends, to yet another nightmarish episode
of the Puszone and don't forget the Angilican SCrap Attic flexi for $1.00,
mail order catalog and stickers for 3 22 cent stamps, or submit vinyl, tapes,
zines for review; all to one address....Pushead, P.O. Box 701, S.F., CA
94101.  Now let's journey into the zone.
   Well the band might be dead, with no hopes of a rising in sight, but a new
vinyl release bears the header of the Misfits, a band high in cult status.
What we have here are 13 unreleased tracks, some originally slated to be the
Static Age LP and various other numbers including on written for The Cramps.
Entitled Legacy Of Brutality, this is prime Misfits' goodies for all you
ghoulies.  Most were recorded before Walk Among Us in the late 70's, a bit
from the vaults of horror you might say.  Quite a haunting as these cryptic
selections slide into your dusty atmosphere, remove those white sheets,
throw back some of those cobwebs and prepare for "Spinal Remains", "Some
Kinda Hate", "Static Age", "Theme for a Jackal" and different renditions
of "She" and "Halloween".  Glenn Danzig at the forefront croons out those
creeping melodies with the eerie ensemble of Misfits' musical prowess keeping
it in that spooky tempo.  During the long period when the Misfits performed
they showed a variety of styles, all leading the way in the horror
department, and this Lp's woth contains some of their finest efforst before
kicking up the tempo into theardcore vein.  Now the Misfits are gone, a
tombstone casts a dark shadow in New Jersey, but always the records remain
giving you that lasting impression.  Heads off to the Misfits, always a
bone to crush.  On Plan 9 Records.

[This article also features a live shot of Jerry jumping and the caption:
 "Jerry of the Misfits".]