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I've been waiting for an album like this to open my eyes for too long now.
Before anyone accuses these guys of jumping on the Horror Rock bandwagon,
let it be made clear that The Misfits have been playing exactly this same
kind of music since 1978, long before 45 Grave was ever even conceived.  As
far as violence and horror goes, you need look no further and you need never
look again.  This unpleasant upheaval of sound will grind on your brain for
as long as you can bare the pain.  This band of fiends is without a doubt
the sickest of the sick, and they don't seem to be pleased with the world in
general which in turn produces music to demolish your skull.  There is no
compassion shown for anything here except for death, hate, and complete
annihilation.  With titles like "Brain Eaters," "Astro Zombies," and "Night
of the Living Dead" what reason could you not have for buying this
wonderful record.  This would make a lovely Mother's Day present.  Of all
the records you've heard, this one will be the one which will tempt you most
to gout and mutilate an infant.