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Q. Who if anyone does your vocal styling compare to?
A. I believe I have my own unique quality to my voice. I really dont believe
in trying to sound like someone else. I mean, what would be the point in
doing it? As far as the jerkoffs who say and are going to say "Oh,he's just
trying to sound like Glenn." Well, firstly FUCK YOU! You know, I'm singing the
melody line to these songs the way they were written, that's all I can do. If
my voice has some of the same qualities as Glenn's while doing it well, what
can I do? I work very hard on my vocals. I take very good care of my voice
and practice many hours every day developing my voice. I work hard for
whatever I do and I have worked very, very hard for this and will continue to
work to my potential.

Q. Is it true you never heard any of the Misfits songs before last year?
A. Yeah, it's true I never heard one of the songs in its entirety until 
Febuary of 95 when I finally bought one of the cd's to learn some songs for 
my audition.

Q. What have you got to say to the people who will say that the Misfits are
only coming back because they want the money. You know you're gonna get that
a lot.
A. My feelings are this: Don't come and see us if you think won't
be missed at all.

Q. Will there be any new material that's recorded that the fans can get at 
A. Hopefully our new seven inch will be out in time for the tour of the
States. We have alot of great new songs to bring across so just hang on.

Q. What kinda set list can we expect to see you guys play?
A. The set list includes everything except Spook City USA, RAT FINK, and
DEMONOMANIA. You're gonna hear it all. We practice the set list every day. 
It's about an hour and a half long set with about 45 songs.

Q. So who's the new drummer and what's his story?
A. The new drummer is Dr.Chud. He's from Lodi, NJ. He's played in bands such
as Sardonica and Sacred Trash. He graduated Lodi High School with Doyle.
He's the greatest drummer on the planet....and any other planet.

Q. Okay, the dreaded Danzig question. Do you think Glenn got a little 
carried away with Satan stuff there at the end and do you think he's somewhat 
of a sellout?
A. As far as Glenn goes, Jerry might have a difference in opinion but I really
have no opinion of him. I do however believe he is a great musician, a very
talented vocalist. You can not take that away from him. I don't think anyone
can disagree you know? As far as him personally I will say that I disagree
with some of his actions, comments, and doings, or at least those that I've
read, been told or heard of keep in mind. Everyone will answer to someone or
something in the end-it's unavoidable.

Q. What aspects of touring are you guys looking forward to and are you ready
for it?
A. I can't wait to play. No one can. We all want to play really bad. That's 
what it's all about ya know, the interaction with the fans and the music. I'm
excited about seeing new places and different countries. I've never
travelled before so the whole experience is gonna be exciting.

Q. Do you think the majority of the fans will remain loyal despite Glenn's
A. They have been, they've been great. There is some that disagree with what
we are doing but Fuck'em. Jerry and I sit down everyday and read the mail
and the majority of the fans would have liked to seen Glenn back in the
band. Glenn was approached and he turned it down so the disappointment is
there regardless. But when you take all that shit away all thats  left is
the music and thats what we're giving the fans full force and whole heartedly.

Q. Hows the new lp coming along
A. It's coming along great. We'd like to get into the studio after the
European tour and start recording it.

Q. Who's doing the majority of the writting for the lp?
A. Everyone has a part in it rather it be a drum cut, a guitar riff, or
whatever, we write together as a band. Thats the way it should be.