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     Caroline Records is releasing Static Age, the debut album from The
Misfits, one of the top cult punk/metal crossover bands of all time.  The
release of Static Age, featuring the original Misfits line-up with Glenn
Danzig on vocals, is the first time that the debut album session tracks
have been made available.
     Despite having broken up in 1984, interest in the Misfits has never
been stronger.  White Zombie's Rob Zombie has called the band a major
influence on his music and Guns'n Roses and Metallica have both covered
tracks that appear on Static Age ("Attitude" and "Last Caress" respectively).
The release of the album also follows on the heels of Wolent World - A
Tribute To The Misfits featuring Pennywise, Goldfinger, NOFX, Sick Of It
All, Prong, Therapy? and others.
     Static Age was originally recorded in January and February of 1978,
as part of a settlement with Mercury Records.  At the time both The Misfits
and Mercury Records had been using the name Blank Records, so in a deal
which would allow Mercury exclusive use of the "Blank" name, The Misfits
were alloted 30 hours of "graveyard shift"recording time.  While 17 tracks
were recorded for these sessions, only 14 were originally set for release.
     Due to the lack of interest from the record companies The Misfits
approached, Static Age did not see the light of day until its inclusion in
The Misfits Box Set, in 1996.  Now this debut album is being made available
as a stand alone release with all 17 tracks from these sessions included for
the first time ever.  Of the three newly discovered tracks, "She" and
"Spinal Remains" have only been available in an altered, over-dubbed form
on the Legacy Of Brutality.  This is the first time they appear as originally
intended.  The third track, "In The Doorway" is the real find.  Even the band
had forgotten about its existence as time constraints had prevented it from
even reaching the m-ixing stage.  Now this rarest of all Misfits tracks is
finally being released as part of this complete Static Age album package.

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