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So What, 12/95


    Incredible.  Just Fucking incredible.  These are the things I have to say
about the new MiSFiTS album (OK, it isnt really a new album, but a collection
of songs from past albums, singles, ect.....), and if you're a die-hard fan
like I am, then I suggest that you put this magazine down right now, run to
the record store, and buy two copies!!!

    What makes this collection so cool is not only the great song selection
("Attitude", "Demonomania", "Horror Hotel"), not only the rare alternative
takes ("Cough/Cool", "Hatebreeders"), not the previously unreleased song
("Mephisto Waltz")...but the LYRICS!!!!  Lets face it , a lot of the mystique
that was the MiSFiTS image had to do with the fact that looking at them ,
seeing the outrageous song titles song titles ("Devils Whorehouse"!!!???),
and listening to them made you want to know what the lyrics were, but the
only time Glenn ever indulged us was when he put the lyrics on "Walk Among
Us", (The MiSFiTS first album, and to me personally, their finest
moments...).  Well, its all here.  All the lyrics from those great hard to
find singles are printed here, and its similer to finding an answer sheet to
some long lost crossword puzzles that you never quite finished.  Its also
nice to see the lyrics to a few songs from "Earth AD" printed also.  I can
remember meeting Glenn for a drink one night in NJ and after having a few,
the conversation came around to his lyrics and how he never printed them.  I
told him that James, Cliff and I would speculate and try to figure out his
cryptic words.  All he had to say was, "I just want them to try to figure it
out themselves, and more importantly, to keep them curious and hungry for
more."  He also went on to explain why MiSFiTS songs were so short, and he
touched upon his "leaving them hungry for more" theory.  His theory worked,
and now that I have this CD in my hot little hands I dont have such an
appetite.....Although I like this little package, there are some
inconsistencies to it.  The song "Mephisto Waltz" was never officialy
released, and after listening to it a few times, I can see why it was never
put out, especially because there were other great singles in its place for
instance "Where Eagles Dare", "Ghouls Nite Out".  Another Curious fact is
that the lyrics are not printed to "Mephist Waltz"!!!!! These are minor
problems though, and I am really excited that it came out.  I highly
reccomend it if you are a fan of the band.  Rumor has it that they are back
without Glenn, Dave Vanian (ex-The Damned) is the new vocalist, and this to
me is akin to the JiMi Hendrix experience without Jimi.  So run out and buy
this one!!!!  You wont be dissapointed.  I listen to this when I am really
hungover for some reason.....