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SLASH VOL. 2 #2 p.28, November 1978

The Misfits
(Bullet/We are/Attitude/Hollywood Babylon)
Plan 9 Records

  Fuck do I love this record.  Lethal explosion of metal onslaught, with
sentiments to match.  Devastating attack of the possessed barbarians,
frightening and truly inspiring at the same time.  The only group in L.A.
heading in that direction is Fear, whose record is in no way close to
such clenched teeth brutality but whose live performance matches the
Misfits' sound in powerful meanness.  All 4 songs are pretty awesome but
"Bullet" (a poetico-politico reflection on a certain historical incident in
Dallas) and "Attitude" are spine chilling killers.  This is the stuff the
Dead Boys and other puppets wished they were made of.  Dipshits beware,
this music leaves stains on well balanced brains.  Also note the exquisitely
tasteful cover, a real liberal's delight.
  -Kick Face