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  "It's not the Misfits," says Glenn Danzig when asked what he thinks of his
former band "reforming" and touring again. "It's sad, but no one wanted to be
involved, but Jerry thought that he was the Misfits. He has his own ideas of 
what is real and what is not. This is his big last hurrah. He asked me to do 
it and I said 'No'." The Misfits "reunion" album, American Psycho on Geffen, 
sans Danzig of course, debuts at No. 117 on The Billboard 200 this week. You 
can catch the Misfits on the road this summer: June 19, Philadelphia; June 
20-21, New York; June 22 Providence, Rhode Island; June 26-27 Cambridge, 
Massachussettes; June 28, Albany; June 29, New Haven; July 2, Norfolk, 
Virginia; July 3, Washington, D.C.; July 13, Montreal; and Aug. 1, Detroit. 
More to come...