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Boathouse, Norfolk VA. 8/2/96

I showed up about half way into Cannibal Corpse's set and
judging from what I saw it made me wish that I had missed
their entire set of monotonous bad death metal.  After this
was all over I wandered around the extremely muggy
Boathouse observing some of the audience members and
high priced band merchandise.  Life of Agony finally took
the stage after an extremely long sound check and
proceeded to do nothing but bore me along with a large
percentage of the audience.  They played a really lame
post New York hardcore style that has a lot to be desired.
Anthrax was up next, and to tell you the truth I never
really was a big fan which remains the case.  Their set
showcased old and new songs which seemed to really
please their audience for about a good hour.  Eventually
they finished after about three encores and a really big
stage dive.  Finally I would get to see the Misfits, after
about thirty minutes of stage set-up and sound checking.
They burst onto the stage and opened with Halloween.  I
was really surprised how well their new singer, Michael Graves,
could mimic Glen Danzig.  Jerry Only and Doyle did not seem
to even get tired after being all over the stage.  Collectively
they put on one of the best shows I have ever seen.  The singer
got down into the crowd and passed the mic around while Jerry
Only poured water all over the exhausted crowd.  They played for about
an hour and a half ripping through a large number of songs including
two new songs that were damn good.  All in all I can't say I enjoyed the
entire affair, but the Misfits made it worth the $13 I spent on the ticket.
Mike Leonard