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The questionaire was answered by Glenn, sometime in June.

Jerry Only and I formed the band in '77 playing around New York City and New
Jersey.  We were considered too violent a band and clubs did not like our
type of crowd, which means they didn't like the kids going crazy at our
shows.  So, many clubs would not let us play.  We started playing dance clubs
and halls and things were cool cause nothing could get broken.  Now it's
getting tough to do shows in NYC, cause they're afraid of the kids.  We've
released some EPs, an album, and have some more new stuff coming out.

?:  How did your visual image origanate, ie Devilocks, and things?

Glenn:  It just kind of evolved with the hair and I myself like to wear
black, as do the other guys.  The image has to be what you feel, almost
reflect what you are.

?:  In an English music paper, the Frisco incident was mentioned, what
actually happened?

Glenn:  Some kids came just to throw cans at the bands.  When we came on,
well we don't take that shit on the streets, and it don't change when you're
on stage.  Our drummer got hit (Googey at the time), got pissed, dove in the
audience and like 10 to 20 guys start nailing him.  Doyle went over and hit
one of the kids who was fucking with him with his guitar.  A riot broke out
and the show was over.

?:  Have you anything to say about the cartoon in Max Rock N Roll, cause they
made you out to be skull cracking, nazi, superstars.

Glenn:  Max R N R is communist propaganda, and not one thing they print about
us is true.  We are skull crackers when we have to be, but we are not nazis,
and not superstars.  If we were superstars, we would not be answering
questions for your fanzine or other fanzines.  USE YOUR HEAD.

?:  How come you became such good friends with the Necros. seeing as you live
so far apart, and with such a large musical difference between bands.

Glenn:  Because they're a great band and good guys.  I also don't think there
is that large a musical difference esp if you heard our new stuff and theirs.
 When they were on tour with us, it was the most fun I've ever had on tour.

?:  What are the band members favorite bands?

Glenn:  Black Flag, Necros, Minor Threat, Boston bands, old Sham and Damned,
Adverts, Germs, Motorhead, the list goes on and on.

Jerry:  Elvis, Meatmen, Necros, Kiss

Doyle:  Elvis, Motorhead, Kiss

Robo: Motorhead, Minor Threat. Big Boys, Dicks

?:  What's your favorite track out of your own set?

Glenn:  Devilock, Wolfsblood

Robo:  20 Eyes, 138

?:  Are there any bands which influence your musical style?

Glenn:  No.

?:  Have you been writing much new material.  If you have is there much of a
change in your musical style?

Glenn:  Yes, and sort of, but not really, nothing drastic, it's more powerful
and brutal if anything.

?:  Is there any reason why your singles are so hard to get a hold of?

Glenn:  Record stores in the UK have to order our stuff in order for you to
get it.  If they don't want to stock our stuff that's why it will be hard for
you to get it.  (right then you go around to your local record shop and ask
'em to order a couple copies).

?:  What other bands have members been in?

Glenn:  None, except Robo was in Black Flag.

?:  Are there any political messages in your music or is it just pure horror

Glenn:  There are certain underlying social and ultimately maybe even
political messages, but to us politics are boring and useless.  Nothing short
of a revolutionary war can change politics.  We just wanna go out and turn up
the amps and go fucking wild.  That's it and that's what it's all about.

?:  Is the live EP going to go on general release in England, and what tracks
will be on it?

Glenn:  It may only go on general release in Europe, but in the US, it's
for Fiend Club members.  The 7 cuts include 20 Eyes, Horror Business, Astro
Zombies, Night of the Living Dead. London Dungeon, All Hell Breaks Loose, We
Are 138 with a guest appearance by Henry Rollins.

?:  Glenn, was there any reason for the solo single?

Glenn:  Well at that time we weren't doing much and a friend always wanted
"Marilyn" to be released, so I redid it and we both released it.

?:  In America, lots of compilation LPs are released, but I don't think I've
seen the Misfits on any.  Is this a band policy or have you not been asked to
go on one?

Glenn:  We have a policy of no compilation LPs.  We don't personally like
being lost in the sauce on an LP with lots of other bands.  They also have a
tendency to misrepresent what you are about.

?:  Any funny incidents you would like to mention which have happened to the

Glenn: The latest was being thrown in jail in New Orleans for graverobbing.
Only it wasn't funny, about 20 fans of ours got arrested.  As far as funny,
Robo's adventures with groupies are always hilarious.

?:  Robo, was there any English bands you liked when you came over with Black

Robo:  The Subs, Damned, and Venom

?:  Do you have much hassle at gigs and how do crowds generally react to you?

Glenn:  Generally, for the most part, very enthuastically, sometimes there
are a few people who are intimidated by our image and aggressiveness.

?:  How come Googey left the band?

Glenn:  Both parties agreed it was best.

?:  What's the Fiend Club and how do you join it?

Glenn:  The Fiend Club is our fan club to help us keep in touch with the
people who buy our records, and come to our shows.  You can also buy our
records and t-shirts from the Fiend Club, if they are not readily available
in your area.  There about 3000 US fiends at this moment. About 100 in
Germany, 100 UK, etc.  The Fiend Club is free in the US, but overseas must
add postage.

?:  I read in Flipside once that you tried to do an English tour, what

Glenn:  We did a few shows with the Damned but their manager tried to stuff
us out of the money he promised us, so we walked off the tour.

?:  Have you any plans for England in the future?

Glenn:  We'd like to come over but we don't want to get fucked over like last
time.  If everything was cool, we'd come over.

?:  Is there anything you'd like to add?

Glenn:  If British punk bands hate America so much, why do they come over
here, take our money, and act like stars?

Glenn Danzig ....Voice......
Gerry Only.......Bass.......


The Hits From Hell. 7" Ep.
Night Of The Living Dead. 7" Ep.
Horror Business. 7" Ep.
Halloween. 7" Ep.
Bullet. 7" single.
Beware. 12" Ep. (7 tracks )
Walk Among Us. Lp.
Evilive. 12" Ep. ( 7 tracks )
Earth A.D. Lp.

New Ep called Die Die My Darling out in July-August time.

Glenn Danzig- Who Killed Marilyn. 7" single.

Misfits Fiend Club
P.O. Box 3112
Grand Central Station N.Y.
New York 10163