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We Got Power #3, Spring 1982

[This interview took place after the 4/13/82 show.]

The Misfits were interviewed at Rachel's house after their April 13 Whiskey
show.  Dave, Ru, and Jordan talked mostly with singer Glenn Danzig.  Doyle
(guitar) and Googy (drums) were also present at times.

Dave:  I wanted to ask the bass player why he smashed his bass onstage, but
he's not here.

Glenn:  Because he's fucking cool.  He said it didn't work, so he fucked it

Ru:  Can you compare the New York scene to the way it is here, like with the
cops, etc?

Glenn:  Cops are cool in New York.  They know that they got better things to
do the be bothering little kids.  They're assholes here!  And kids would
crack a few heads if they knew what was good for them.  They should just ake
the cops and beat the shit out of them.  If the cops got guns, they should
get guns.  Because it's ridiculous here.  It's more than just harrassment.
 You should take the cops out and shoot 'em around here.

Jordan:  Is there a good scene in New York?

Glenn:  Now there is.  It died for a while 'cause people were watering it
down with faggy disco new wave shit.

Dave:  What L.A. bands do you like?

Glenn:  Black Flag.

Ru:  That's it?  That's all the appeals to you?!

Glenn:  That's it, Black Flag.

Jordan:  What kind of people go to your gigs---like are they punks, or paying
customers, or...

Glenn:  Punks?  What do you mean, 'are they punks?'???

Ru:  Uh, Glenn....try to lower yourself to our level, please.

Dave:  Yeah, we're kinda stupid.

Glenn:  Well, do you mean trendy mohawk people, or people in leather jackets,
or skins?  We got everything.  L.A. isn't the only place with people who are
into punk music.  That's another thing I don't like about L.A., they think
the got the market cornered with punk.  We had a thousand people at our last
New York show.

Ru:  Is Washington D.C. happening anymore?

Glenn:  No, not anymore.  Maybe now that Minor Threat's back together it will
be--when they broke up, the D.C. scene sorta fizzled.  It was real good.  But
the midwest scene's the best.  Better than L.A. or New York.  Detroit,

Jordan:  So when are you coming back to L.A.?

Glenn:  In June or July.

Ru:  Have you ever played in L.A. before?

Glenn:  No, they wouldn't let us last time.  We played at the Nest, and a
couple of gigs in Frisco in November.  We tried to get some dates in L.A.,
but they told us we were too violent, too loud, too fast, and there'd be lots
of fights.  Slash got us the show at the Whiskey--that's the only reason we
got it, because of Slash.

Googey (entering room):  So, like, what kind of magazine is this?

Dave:  A really good fanzine.

Glenn:  Tell your readers to send us their skulls.  Any skulls you got.  We
collect 'em.  If your baby brother dies, just cut off his head and send it to
us.  I collect horror movies, too, shit like that....horror posters.  I like

Dave; What about your name, "The Misfits"?  Do you think it fits in with the
skulls and all?

Glenn:  I think it's a great name.  I don't care if it fits or not.  What do
I care?  If yuo don't like it, don't come see us.  Don't buy our records.
What do we care?  But you will, because you love us.

Dave:  Tell us about the Fiend Club.

Glenn:  It's a fan club.  It's basically so we can get feedback from our fans
and we send 'em free shit.  Whenever new buttons or pictures come out, we
mail 'em out free.  They can order t-shirts through us for five dollars
instead of ten.  Print our new address:  Misfits Fiend Club / P.O. Box 3112 /
Grand Central Station, NY NY 10163

Dave:  What's the radio scene like in New York?  Do you get much airplay?

Glenn:  Yeah.  Timmy Summers has a hardcore show, he always plays us.
There's the New Afternoon show on right before that on Wednesdays.

Ru:  What other N.Y. bands get airplay?

Glenn;  He plays a lot of British stuff lately, but some good NY bands are
Reagan Youth and Kraut.  That's about it.  The Beastie Boys were good, but
they broke up.  I don't like NY bands that say "American music sucks, The
British are more emotional, more into what they're doing."  I hate British
bands.  There's more talent in one acre of America than there is in all of
fucking Britain.

Dave:  It's kinda ironic, how the L.A. Oi scene really seems to like you guys
a lot, and you're definitely American.  They hate every LA band.

Glenn:  Do they like Black Flag?

Ru:  They despise Black Flag.

Googey:  They're asshole then.  Besides us, Black Flag's the best band in

Glenn:  Oi is alright.  It's just like everybody singing along and shit.  I'm
into singalongs.  Besides me having a good time onstage, I want other people
to have a good time, too.