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LODI, N.J. 07644


  Together from 1977 to 1983.  Records pressed on coloured vinyl, or
  pressed after 1983 are marked with an *.

1977-Cough Cool / She (released on BLANK Records, later to become PLAN 9
     Records.) 7" 45rpm
1978-Bullet: Bullet/We Are 138/Attitude/Hollywood Babylon*
     (1st pressing on black vinyl, with fold out sleeve & lyric sheet)
     7" 45rpm
1979-HORROR BUSINESS:Horror Business/Teenagers From Mars/Children In Heat*
     (5 copies pressed for press packages, on black, very rare.) 7" 45rpm
1979-Night Of The Living Dead:Night/Where Eages Dare/Ratt Fink
     (Only 2000 copies pressed.  Plates destroyed.) 45rpm 7"
1980-3 Hits from Hell:London Dungeon/Horror Hotel/Ghoul's Night Out
     (Original pressings on black with grey label)  Copies later pressed on
     white vinyl, with red label.) 7" 45rpm
1981-Glenn Danzig;Who Killed Marilyn?:Marily/Spook City U.S.A.
     (Glenn's solo record, later pressed on Purple) 7" 45rpm
1981-Halloween;Hallowen I/Halloween II 7" 45rpm
1982-MISFITS WALK AMONG US: released on SLASH records.  With lyrics sleeve.
     12" LP
1980-BEWARE: Released in England on Cherry Red/Armageddon Records.
     12" 45 rpm.  Includes Last Caress
     Coloured vinyl: Purple;Green, yellow, clear. (Cassette)
1983-EVILIVE: Released in Germany on Aggressive rock Productions.
     12" 45, with same titles as Plan 9 7".
1983-WOLF'S BLOOD: Released in Germany on Aggressive rock.
     12" LP with same titles as PLAN 9 LP plus Die, Die my darling,
     Mommy, WE bite.
1984-Die, Die, My DarlinG:Die, Die/Mommy/We bite*
     12" 45 (later pressed on white, and on purple vinyl.)
*1985-Legacy of Brutality. Compilation of unreleased songs.
      Red , white, and pink copies pressed.  Only 16 pink copies. (Cassette)
*1987-MISFITS COMPACT DISC. 20 titles, including unreleased versions.
*1987-EVILIVE : same songs as plan 9 7" release plus 5 extra songs.
     12" LP (Cassette)
*1988-MISFITS Compact Disc#2 includes Last Caress, and unreleased titles,
     and versions.

  Together from 1984 to 1987.  All Material Released in conjuncture
  with Caroline Records. N.Y.C.

1984-INITIUM: 9 songs, first 5,000 copies include lyric sheet.
     Also pressed on Red vinyl, white vinyl, and 50 copies
     marbled black & white vinyl. 12" LP
1985-UNHOLY PASSION: five song 12" 45. (Original cover is flesh
     tone.  Later changed to red.  Also pressed on Red & white.
1986-NOVEMBER COMING FIRE: Includes fold out lyric sheet.
     Copies available on orange vinyl. (Cassette)
1986-NOVEMBER COMING FIRE: Pressed in England on EMI/REVOLVER Records.
1988-SAMHAIN GRIM: 10 songs.  Unholy Passion remixed, plus 5 new
     unreleased titles. (Cassette)

This is a list for your personal reference.  PLAN 9
does not have these records in stock.