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THE PIT #3, p.27-30, Winter/Spring 1989



by Bryan Davis

In 1983, whent he now legendary Misfits disbanded and Glenn Danzig went on
to Samhain, then solo, many fans were left to guess the fate of the other
members.  Almost six years later, a plot beyond Plan 9 is soon to be set in
motion.  Jerry Only and Doyle, the rhythm machine of the Misfits, introduce
their new band "Kryst the Conquerer".  The plot thickens as the Doyle fan
club seeks domination with a renewed gathering of members since the Fiend
Club days.  I had an opportunity to speak with Jerry (whom also goes by the
nickkame "Mo") about these recent developments and old goals.  The interview
was conducted via mail since time doesn't seem to move fast enough for Mo (I
can't keep him on the phone!)  All answers are relevant as of 12/17/88.

Back in '83 when the Misfits seemed doomed to disband, did you have conscious
plan to continue under a different name?

JO:  At first, I planned to join with Dave Vanian after I saw him on tour in
England in 1978.  This was in the far future but in 1987, when we first
started Kryst the Conquerer, he was the first person I called.  Although he
wanted a spookier sound, so we weren't changing and neither was he.

What spawned the horror rock appearance that you've faithfully upheld in your
music career?

JO:  Since I was young I was always into dinosaurs and monsters so I seem to
think along those lines naturally.  We found the horror image after "Bullet"
because we were unable to be political.  It just wasn't us.  The horror image
worked, don't you think so?

When you seem fans buying Misfits bootlegs and original pressings for
outrageous amounts of money, how does that make you feel?

JO:  It's a shame that our products are mismanaged.  The people who are
selling this Misfits stuff are just taking advantage of our fans.

How did the Doyle fan club come about and isn't it similair to the Fiend Club

JO:  It is the Fiend Club of the 90s.  Our product is the best it can be and
we're moving it as cheap as we can.  I predict in 5 years it will be the
biggest fan club of all time.  We plan on a color catalog for '89.  The Doyle
Fan Club is going to work entirely through mail order and will carry Iron
Maiden, Metallica, Kiss, and of course Misfits merchandise.

Tell me about Kryst, how long have you been together/line-up?

JO:   Mo-bass / Doyle-guitar / Murp-drums.  Formed:  August 1987.  We didn't
have any songs but we were in business.  I spoke with Dave Vanian (Damned) in
September, then I called Murp.  He is by far what Doyle and I needed to be
solid.  We're all great friends.  That's what is really important, you see
success is an illusion, surround yourself with good friends.

What sould Misfits fans expect fromt he new band lyrically and musically?

JO:  Musically, we're much tighter than we have ever been.  Lyrically we
attack what we once were.  We believe that evil should be destroyed.  It's
that simple.

How strong are the ties between the Misfits image and overall theme with the
new band?

JO:  Kryst is Jerry Only on his home planet.  He controls the "Soldiers of
Light".  He has evolved fromt he destructive tendencies of man and has grown
into the ultimate warrior.

Is there an agreement in place for a record?  I believe Atlantic was
interested in signing a contract.

JO:  Yeah, I'm working with Atlantic.  I believe that I can accomplish
whatever I want if I can work with Jason Flom (Atlantic's A&R man).  We will
iron things out and then take over.  The one thing that I want the people who
are going to take on this project to know is that:  We're gonna go to war, so
it won't be nice.

You mentioned that there was a comic book in the works to accompany the
upcoming album.  Briefly summarize the story-line concept and plot.

JO:  It is a battle between light and dark.  It seems a shame, but in the
story, war is inevitable.  Kryst and his men are forced onto earth and fight
a war over the Earth and the Universe.  It's strange because the songs were
written first.

Outside the band, what other interests take time out of your day (and

JO:  Doyle and I are manufacturers, that's what we do....constantly.  We see
what we want and we go for it.  Our band is on album pace.  We put 15 songs
together in less than a year, that's about right.

Many bands that break away from the underground scene feel they need to
justify their efforts as a musical progression.  What are your thoughts on
the subject of "selling out."  Is it just a matter of opinion?

JO:  We won't sell out.  Never did, never will.  I write exactly what I want.
Always did, always will.  I don't have anything in common with any musician
I've ever met.  Selling out  don't compute.

What advice would you give young underground bands about survival in the
Alternative music scene?

JO:  Just don't be a bunch of assholes.  I found very few people who wouldn't
fuck you over if they had their chance.  I guess I'm blessed with Doyle and
Murp.  We don't have to take anybody's shit--we don't need it!

I know you guys are no longer friends with Glenn Danzing (to put it mildly),
but what do you think of his solo debut?

JO:  Danzig has a good band.  I think some tunes are too slow, but that's
just my opinion. I've only listened to the tape twice.  I guess I'm just
better at telling you what I'm doing.