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"Dig Up Her Bones" marks the first music video ever from the legendary
Misfits.  The video features clips from the horror classic "The Bride of
Frankenstein" as the film provided inspiration for the song.

All clips from "The Bride" have been fully cleared for broadcast through
Universal Pictures.  Sarah Karloff,  Misfits supporter and daughter of
Boris Karloff, personally gave her permission for the use of her
father's image in the video after speaking to Director: John Cafiero.
Sarah became aware of the Misfits as Jerry Only: bass and leader of the
band, was instrumental in the immortalization of Boris Karloff on the
U.S. postage stamp.  Misfits Fiend Club members pitched in support for
the stamps as well.  Elsa Lanchester's estate who represent the woman
behind the "The Bride" also gave their consent for her appearance in the
"Bones" video.

The Misfits iconic mascot, has been brought into the live action world.
Misfits friend and fan Rob Zombie (of the band White Zombie), showed his
support of the videos by recommending Make-up fx artist Norman Cabrera,
to sculpt the skull faced Fiend and create the mask.

"American Psycho" is the second video from the legendary Misfits.  An
authentic pipe organ (circa 1920) was customized in Misfits fashion,
(the pipes have a bat-wing formation).  Director: John Cafiero  asked
Daniel Rey, (Producer of the "American Psycho" CD Geffen Records), to
record a traditional pipe organ version of the Misfits' track "The
Abominable Dr. Phibes" which leads into "American Psycho".  The pipe
organ version is mixed into the original CD track as the Fiend plays the
organ in the video.

The cover art for the current CD was painted by the classic "Famous
Monsters Magazine" cover artist Basil Gogos.   The artwork is brought to
life literally,  in the video for "American Psycho".  The title track
from the Geffen release had its official premiere screening 1/11/98 on
the big screen at Fangoria Magazine's Weekend of Horrors Convention in
NYC.  The Misfits, cover artist: Basil Gogos and Director John Cafiero
appeared as invited guests of the convention.  In addition to the
screening, a question and answer panel followed moderated by Fangoria
editor in chief Tony Timpone.  The new video "American Psycho" is
currently in release to all music video shows/channels (Internationally).

"Shooting live on stage with the Misfits was like being a combat
photographer" - John Cafiero

John shot all of the live footage utilizing the "hand-held"  method.
Most of the time he was on stage with the band (it was not unusual for
him to lie on the floor with his head resting on Doyle's amp, without
ear-plugs which was startling for most!)  The road crew and film crew
expressed shock and amazement that this did not bother John (a guitar
player, who is "used to it").  It was important for him to position
himself to get good shots, but at the same time not be intrusive to the
band.  This is how he is used to working, and his photography is a
testament to the love of his craft.  He was able to capture the pure
energy and intensity of the band's live performance, and reactions of
the fiends.

When asked about his methods John responded "I think there's an
incredible energy created at the Misfits live performances.  It's
created by an intensity between the band and the crowd that sets the
atmosphere.  The presence is there.  You can feel it.  That's what I
wanted to capture on film at the gigs.  When your there, you know your
part of something special".

Director: John Cafiero on the Misfits videos:

"I wanted the videos to have the look of a live action comic book horror
film.  I would manipulate the lights to work as colors do in the panels
of a comic book.  I was thrilled at the opportunity to bring Basil
Gogos' artwork to life and felt the painting itself should be
prominently featured in the video.  The Misfits agreed.  I also wanted
to maintain the look and feel of the artwork in a live action setting.
I looked at the painting and tried to imagine what else was going on in
the room beyond what you could see, and the concepts followed."

Other influences were derived from John's love of films like Brian
DePalma's "Phantom of the Paradise", George A. Romero's "Creepshow", and
Hong Kong fantasy films.  "I'm a big fan of Tsui Hark and I also admire
Japanese Animation(Anime).  I feel that Asian fantasy films tend to push
the boundaries of reality a bit more than the American market.  I try to
interject a bit of that unconventional sensibility in my work.  I knew I
wanted to make films like this ever since I first saw "the Rocky Horror
Picture Show" when I was 10 years old".

"The Fiend Club sign was brought to life straight out of my concept art
for the videos.  I felt it could not only be a horrific interpretation
of a Sid & Marty Krofft production, but also allude to a fictitious
place in which the Misfits and all the related ghouls and fiends -(the
fans),  could hang out or exist  in.  The sign is essentially a hybrid
of a real wooden sign and a puppet,  that I had created from my concept
sketches and storyboards.  I thought the sign would be something fun for
hardcore fans of the band to pick up on,  yet still maintain the
interest of those who were seeing the Misfits for the first time".

The Misfits
"Dig Up Her Bones" & "American Psycho"
Directed by John Cafiero
Produced by John & Suzanne Cafiero
Non-Homogenized Productions, Ltd.
(c.) 1998 Misfits L.L.C.


The "American Psycho" video is currently in release.  The video
has been serviced to major music video networks such as The Box and Much
Music who are currently in the process of programming it.  Local,
regional and syndicated Indies such as Power Play Music Video and the
Austin Music Network have also received the video and will be running it
(if they haven't already).  Countless other independent local and
regional shows will have the video over the course of the next couple of
weeks. MTV Latino has already aired the "Psycho" video on Sunday,
February 8th 1998.  It debuted in a show called "Metalheads" (which was
formerly known as "Headbanger's Ball").

Although MTV Latino immediately programmed the video, MTV (USA) has it
currently "under consideration."  MTV is the one channel most people
have access to.  By servicing the video to MTV in the USA, obviously
there is a greater chance of seeing the video.  Fiends can help out
by making requests heard via e-mails, letters and  phone calls.




Main #:        (212) 258-8000 (ask for programming Dept. and/or requests).
Request Line: 1-800-Dial-MTV

MTV E-Mail addresses for requests:                 MTV Live Appearances              120 Minutes (Hosted by M. Pinfield)                 M2                M2                Most requested videos on MTV

For the most comprehensive list of shows/and email addresses to various
shows such as 120Minutes/MTVLive/and M2 and to post requests on MTV's
internet site message boards, log on to this site:

The site features Feed MTV ,  which is an opportunity to tell them what
you want to see.

Write letters:   make the same requests in writing via: mail

MTV                                        MTV/M2
Director of Programming                    Programming Dept
Programming Dept.                          Attn: Darcy
1515 Broadway                              1633 Broadway
New York, NY 10036                         New York, NY  10019

MTV LATINO main office in Miami Florida: 1-305-535-3729
Call to request the video and/or ask for scheduled air dates.



The Box programs regionally.  Not all videos are released in all areas.
To find out if the Box outlet in your area is carrying "American Psycho"
call your local Box phone number and make sure they know you want it.
You can reach The Box main office in Miami Florida at
(305) 674-5000.  Ask for programming or viewer services.

To order "Dig Up Her Bones" on the Box request selection #419.
"Bones" is already in rotation on the Box but you must order to see it.
Check out the Box's website:
On the Box website, you can get the video selection number, see stills
and make comments on the Box's Misfits "Bones" page.



The "American Psycho" video will air on Much Music's show "Loud"
this Friday 2/27/98.  The show starts at Midnight in most markets.
Much Music airs throughout Canada and select markets in the U.S..
Its also available on satellite systems in the U.S..

To request the video or ask for scheduled air dates call
your local Much Music number (if available).

The main number in CANADA is (416) 591-5757.

You can also reach them via e-mail at:   General request address   e-mail address for Loud - e-mail Loud for scheduled
air-dates and to request the video.

Much Music has a live call-in request line available ONLY after 5:30
p.m. (EST).  The # is 1-800-265-6824.


Austin Music Network in Austin Texas: 1-512-499-1810
ask for scheduled air dates and/or request the video
AMN runs on Cable Channel 15 in Austin.
e mail requests:

You can also check AMNs website for scheduled videos at:


Please note if these area codes are not within your local calling region
long distance charges will apply.