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NEAT DAMNED NOISE p.31-35, September 1996

The Misfits is as you should all know a great US band which ways have often
intersected with those of the Damned + a lot of Misfits fans are also Damned
fare and vice versa.  With the recent talk about Dave Vanian joining the
resurrected Misfits, this itself spurring all kinds of rumours, I thought it
was time to set the record straight as to all of the relations (or lack off)
between the two groups.  At least to prove that the bands' have had much
more in common then poor management!

At least initially, the Misfits (as well as the Damned of course) never
really gained the popularity that they should've.  After the band's split up
there's been an ever increasing following and they must without doubt be the
most bootlegged punk band in the world!  Lately there's also been an
explosive increase in the number of Damned and Misfits covers by younger
bands.  For instance, both Guns 'N' Roses and Metallica have recently
covered Misfits tunes.

The Misfits started in 1977, performing their first gig on April 18 at
CBGB'S, just a few days after the Damned had caused havoc there.
Coincidentally, this was also shortly after the release of Damned Damned
Damned, an album that was a definite influence to a Misfits band whose
members all cited themselves as being "into" the Damned.  It didn't take
long before the Misfits had their unique "Horror" image down, including
everything from customized guitars to hairstyles!

Right after the release of their "Night Of The Living Dead" EP in
November '79, the Misfits went to England to support the Damned on a major
UK tour (Nov./Dec.), the tour that in fact would turn out to be Algy's swan
song with the Damned.  Misfits line-up for the ill-fated tour was: Glenn
Danzig (vocals), Bobby Steele (guitar), Jerry Only (bass) and Joey Image

History has it that the Misfits hooked up with the Damned, or rather the
Damned's management, in 1979 and apparently some kind of contract was
signed/agreement reached for them to join the Damned on a UK tour w/25
dates.  The primary reason for this coming about again being the fact that
the Misfits really dug the Damned.  Anyway when they arrived in England they
found that the red carpet hadn't exactly been rolled out for them and it
would very soon become obvious that they had made a big blooper taking the
trip.  Well, to put it nicely things got rather fucked up, prompting the
Misfits to drop out of the tour after just a couple of shows.  I guess 1)
Culture shock, and 2) The lack of a clear mutual understanding about what
the fuck exactly was going to be going on in the UK, were the 2 major
contributors to the whole "affair," though a healthy dose of naivety must
also have been present - how  else could the Misfits just leave for the UK
without even bringing their fucking equipment???  In Britain it is common
practice for a support band to play for free or even pay to play when
joining a strong headlining band on a tour (The Damned had actually done
this themselves prior to this top-of-the-bill tour).  The reasoning being
that the exposure of the tour itself would serve as the pay-back for the
"investment."  In the US this "method" is pretty much unheard of, not least
when it comes to punk bands.  I have included several quotas from band
members below, all of which are pretty selfexplanatory and provide good
indications of how the people involved felt about the whole affair.

So anyway the Misfits spent several miserable weeks in England before
finally throwing in the towel and returning to the US, having realized that
they got nowhere staying there.  According to the Misfits, Dave Vanian was
the only Damnedster being "nice to them" during this trip, so perhaps this
was why the "once bitten twice shy" lesson didn't stick when they approached
Dave again in 1981.  This was at a time right after Glenn Danzig had written
a song called "Archangel" and he felt that ft would be a perfect fit for
Dave Vanian to sing the lead vocals on ft.  The plan was to do it as a
one-off collaboration and release ft as a Misfits single on Plan 9 with Dave
Vanian guesting on lead vocals on that song only.  Apparently, everything
was recorded except for the vocals, which Vanian never got around to do
which shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone.  Instead Archangel ended
up on Samhain's 1984 album Initium and if you listen to it you'll be fucking
amazed how true it is that the song would have been an excellent choice for
Dave to sing.  Dave did in fact get around to visit Jerry Only's garage and
sing along to Archangel, but unfortunately no recording was made.

Recently when brothers Jerry (bass) & Doyle (guitar) set out to reform the
Misfits, their number one choice for vocalist was, no surprise, Dave Vanian.
Though, after heavily catering to Mr. Vanian, he politely declined the offer
as outlined in last issue (#5) of NDN.

So there you have it - a lot of could have beens & should have beens in fact
turned out to be very little of actual happenings at all.

What follows are the straight quotes all relating to the Damned/Misfits
story.  As I told you already, they pretty much speak for themselves...

Damned Scrapbook Part 2 (Clipping from NME, 1979)
"Uninvited Band In Damned Gigs"
"The Damned were joined at the outset of their UK tour, which started last
weekend, by American sci-fi punk outfit The Misfits.  It seems they
supported The Damned at Hurrah's in New York earlier this year, when they
discussed the possibility of touring together.  Recently they read in NME
that The Damned were going out on a British tour, so they financed their
own trip across the Atlantic and turned up on Dave Vanian's doorstep 48
hours before the opening gig.  After showing such initiative, what else
could The Damned do but book them as support act for the tour?"

Ugly Things Issue #12, 1995 (Questions by Mike Stax)
Jerry Only: "He [Glenn Danzig) was into the Adverts, he [Glenn Danzig] was
into Generation X.  We were all into the Damned, along those lines -
basically British punk."

Mike Stax: "The 4 song Bullet EP (on the band's own Plan 9 label - after
Plan 9 From Outer Space, natch) was, in a way, the Misfits' real debut,
consolidating their transformation from the subtle art-punk sound of
"Cough/Cool" into a roaring, high-speed, guitar-driven punk rock band
somewhere between the Ramones and the early Damned."

In '79 you toured with the Damned...
Jerry Only: "Yeah, that was a hell of a lot of bullshit.  The thing is I
done like workin' for people - I don't know if you get that about me.  I'd
rather work for myself and struggle along than give myself a bad attitude
'cos somebody's tellin' me what to do.  In England we ran into a lot of
trouble - a lot of people bossin' you and shit and fuckin' with your sound,
tryin' to make you look stupid so the Damned would look better, you know
what I mean?"

Was that the Damned personally or their road crew or ... ?
Jerry Only: "Their whole management, you know what I mean?  They were just
a bunch of fuckin' jerks followin'... Nothin' against the guys [The Damned],
but at the same time, they have no authority to say whether the bus is gonna
turn fuckin' left or it's gonna turn right?  When we're gettin' fucked over,
nobody's got a say - and that's what aggravates the piss outta me.  If I'm
in the band, record company's gonna work for me (laughs), and that's the
different attitude I have about the situation.  So we got shit on.  They
burned us on money.  And we're in England!  Don't go fuckin' burnin' the
band on the money when they're in another fuckin' country!  'Cos you can't
do nothin'.  It's not like I could pick up the phone and call my lawyer."

What was the reaction as far as the crowd?
Jerry Only: "Er... They were a bunch of assholes (laughs).  If I could find
the plug, I'd pull it out and let the whole island sink! (laughter) At the
time, it was a bunch of little kids who were getting into spittin' and
throwin' shit at you.  You ran into a lot of those clowns, y'know?"

Do you think there was some hostility because you were Americans?
Jerry Only: "Yeah, there was that too."

So what happened with the tour?
Jerry Only: "We walked off the tour because, see, the guy was supposed to
pay me $100 a night for the band, for 25 shows in 28 days.  That was 25
hundred bucks - the whole tour came down to the money.  So I worked day and
night to get the money from my old man to pay for everybody's plane ticket
to England.  I didn't even get to practice for three fuckin' weeks before I
went.  I wanted to go to England with my shit together, and that was one
thing I was deprived of, I think.  So we got there, and we played two or
three shows, and the guy [Doug Smith] - he was handling Motorhead at the
time, and he was handling the Damned - he fucked us on the money.  He said,
"Well, basically, I'm not payin' you guys."  And we were in the middle of
fuckin' Northern England somewhere.  And we just said, "Oh, pretty easy,
FUCK YOU" laughs.  And we split.  We walked off the tour.  'Cos we weren't
gonna play for nothin'.  I wasn't gonna let this guy fuck us over.  So we

So what's the story with the song "London Dungeon"?
Jerry Only: "I knew Sid Vicious' mom, so I hooked up with Sid's mom when I
got back into London and she took me on a tour of Canterbury Cathedral -
all the really cool places, y'know?  And Glenn went to go see the Jam, I
believe, play at the Rainbow, and a bunch of skinheads started a fight with
him, so he pulled a piece of glass out of a window and started goin' at 'em
with a piece of glass.  So they locked him up.  So that's where he came up
with "London Dungeon".  He couldn't wait to get out of England.  I didnl
like England very much either.  I just thought we were treated very rudely
for being foreigners, y'know?  When people come by me, hey, I make sure you
eat, I make sure you're cared for.  My house in Lodi, when we used to have
the band, Black Flag used to sleep over, Circle Jerks - everybody who came
to town had to flop at my house.  And we would feed everybody too!  Nobody
would have to go in their pockets when they went to my house.  That's the
way I like to treat people, and when Dave Vanian came over here I tried to
treat him the same way.  But when we were over there, we were at the mercy
of those fuckin' swindlers."

Ugly Things Issue #13, 1995 (Questions by Mike Stax)
How did the UK tour come about?
Joey Image: "Well this is what happened... We were at a gig at Hurrah's and
we were pretty big fans of the Damned, but it seemed like they were on their
way down and shft, you know what I mean?  So Glenn or Jerry talked to their
management and all of a sudden they said, "We're going to England, and we
picked up and went to England within a month or so.  Like a week before that
they said they were thinking of only giving me just a studio musician fee.
I said, "What?  There's four Misfits - we're all together." 'Cos we all
helped in the process of making the songs and shit.  Glenn laid down the
guitar riffs and then we made our own shit - I made up the beat and shit
like that.  We just pounded it out and made up shit as we went along.

So they said that they were gonna pay you studio musician rate or something?
Joey Image: "Well, when I heard there was a contract being around I was a
little pissed off about that.  So we went to England... Everything happened
real quick.  I really fell like we should play California and the West Coast
and Detroit - everywhere that they had a good decent punk scene, y'know?
But these guys thought they'd jump on the Damned's bandwagon - but they (The
Damned) hated us."

Were you friendly with the guys In the Damned at all?
Joey Image: "Me only one that was cool was Dave.  The other guys - Rat and
Captain and the bass player at the time, Aigy - they were all fucked up.
They were into their own thing.  They didn't give a fuck about us.  They
didn't like us, just put it like that."

Was there anyone else on that tour with you?
Joey Image: "Yeah, there was another band from Northern Ireland called
Victim ["Rat's band].  It was Victim, then us, then the Damned."

How many shows did you end up doing?
Joey Image: "We did three shows.  I remember the first show, they gave me
the rinkest dinkiest drum kit I've ever seen.  The first time I took a pop
on the snare drum, my stick went right through it!  They were going through
songs - we had no roadies or nothin'- and they're looking at me and I'm
going, "What are you looking at me for?  I got no snare drum!  What do you
want me to do?"  And Rat Scabies wouldn't let me use any of his stuff.  It
was total mayhem.  They were supposed to rent a drum kit for me but the one
they gave me was from the 1930's - it was a piece of shit! (laughter) We got
sabotaged.  We went on a couple of gigs and I think at Brighton they had an
argument before we went on and Glenn and Jerry said, "Fuck it.  We're walkin'
off."  And we walked off the tour."

They wanted to pay you less money or what?
Joey Image: "My weren't going to pay us any money.  They were telling us just
the exposure of being on the tour was enough and that we had to sleep on the
bus and shit.  We went over there blind.  I guess Glenn thought we'd get
treated like royafty or something, but we got fucked."

But you still think it would probably have been best to stick it out and put
up with the shit, just for the exposure?
Joey Image: "I would've thought so.  I was willing to stick it out.  We had
to sleep in the bus, but I didn't give a shit, y'know?  But these guys just
walked off.  We had a good gig in Brighton - the Corn Exchange or something
like that - you know, one of those dinky towns in England (laughs).  So they
just walked off and we found ourselves right in the middle of nowhere,
catching a train back to London.  Then, when we got back to London, we said,
"We'll stick it out.  The Damned are gonna be back in London in two weeks,
and we'll catch 'em in London and got on the bill there."  We were supposed
to play the Rainbow, but I dunno - we didn't rehearse, we didn't do shit.
Just staying in a cold room.  By this time we were hangin' around and we met
this guy who booked us into a hotel in Hyde Park, and he put us up there for
a oouple of weeks, and he said he was gonna be our manager - I've forgot his
name.  He goes, "I'll get you a drim set for the Rainbow gig."  But it never
came about.  So I'm sittin' in a hotel for two weeks - almost three weeks -
and I said, "Listen, I'm only staying here one more week and I'm cuttin' out,
man.  I haven't rehearsed.  I wanna get behind a set."  It was fucked up."

Was it agreed that the Misfitss were definitely going to play that Rainbow
show with the Damned?
Joey Image: "It was tentative.  It wasn't positive."

So you told the other Misfits you'd give 'em a week to got a drum kit for
the Rainbow show?
Joey Image: "I told 'em that whole week.  I think it went on deaf ears, to
tell the truth.  I don't think that they took me seriously."

On the day before you left, did you say, "Hey, I'm leaving tomorrow"?
Joey Image: "I kept telling them.  I said, "I'm serious."  They put deaf
ears on it, you know what I mean?  That's why when I read that article you
wrote, when Jerry said I went home 'cos I missed my girlfriend... I didn't
give a fuck about that!  I had more attention to playing than doing that.
When the shit hit the fan with what was going on, I saw that these guys
didn't have it together.  So it just came to a head.  The only reason they
had to stay was that they'd brought tons of 45s there and they had to sell
'em.  That's why they were there, they were pushing the product - but I went
there to play.  So I waited two weeks and left I just booked.  I waited 'til
12 o'clock - they were out drinking or whatever the night before... I was
dead serious.  I couldn't take it no more.  The management wasn't together -
it was all fucked up.  They were all sleeping, I just cut out.  The guy was
supposed to come and bring me a drum kit 'cos we were supposed to play the
Rainbow that night, and he never came around, so I said, "Fuck it."

There was supposed to be maybe a tour with the Clash after the Damned thing.
Did they tell you anything about that?
Joey Image: "No, they didn't say nothin' about it."

Ugly Things Issue #14, 1995
Mike Stax: "As Glenn [Danzig] is not interested in participating [in the
Misfits comeback], the search has been on for a singer to join Jerry, Doyle
and now drummer Chud in the now Misfits line-up.  Damned singer Dave Vanian
has been approached and, reportedly, is interested.  "He'd be perfect for
the band", says Jerry.  "He's got that whole vampire thing goin'."

MaximumRockNRoll Issue #151 Part 1, December 1995
So what's the new lineup?
Jerry Only:  "We're in contact with Dave Vanian from the Damned right now
who may wind up being our singer, so we're trying to put together this main
front and get our music back in line.  He [Dave] kind of fits everything
we're looldng for.  Me and Doyle.  We've got a drummer named Dr. Chud, he's
from Lodi, Now Jersey.  He's an old stand in.  We're gonna see how Dr. Chud
meshes once Vanian joins the band and if we need a different drummer well
consider.  But up until now we're going with that lineup."

Jerry Only: "We're looking to play for Halloween ['95].  We're gonna bring
Dave Vanian in right after we shoot these [TV] pilots if everything looks
good.  We're gonna try and play the Limelight in NY for Halloween."

Jerry Only: "The big thing about the Misfits coming back, especially if
we've got Dave, who's got this vampire thing going on, which is our thing,
is it's gonna be a tour where we do a big city on the weekend and promote
all week long going into it." [Ed.: The Misfits just played Houston on June
14 which wasn't promoted at all.  This wasn't why I didn't go though.  I
didn't go because I didn't wanna be stuck with a bunch of fucking metal
heads.  The Misfits was just opening the show for Anthrax - the 2 other
support bands being Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death.  What the fuck is this
supposed to be???  Let's hope they don't slag Danzig off for being metal!!
Perhaps this is the true reason why Dave didn't join 'em.  Admittedly I have
not heard any of the new Misfits stuff but if the bands they associate
themselves with are any indication then they are fucking turning into a
fucking joke.]

Mariano Asch Interviews (Answers as noted)

According to Jerry Only, the reason Dave declined was that: "He told us that
he thought that it was too much work for him to carry with but I think he
had other personal reasons".

Bobby Steele (guitarist with the Misfits when they went to the UK to tour
with the Damned): "It'ss a long story so I'll try to keep it short.  Jerry
[Only] was sent out a week in advance to have the contracts signed.  Once he
called Glenn [Danzig] and said everything was signed.  We booked the flight
for the rest of the band to go to England.  The first show went fine, but
when it came to getting paid, we were told we weren't getting paid.  Glenn
asked Jerry for the contracts and that's when we found out that he never got
them signed!  We wound up walking off the tour on the second night.  Dave
Vanian and Algy Ward was good to us, but Rat and Captain kept making
"cripple" jokes at me [Bobby Steele has a bad leg].  I punched Captain in
the face on the second night before we left.  It's ok now.  They've both
grown up."

Rat Scabies was asked on January 9, 1995, if it was true as told by Jerry
Only that the Misfits were treated bad by the Damned during the '79 tour.
Rat's reply was short & sweet: "Who gives a fuck about what that loser
thinks of anything, huh?  He's probably badmouthing the Damned because...
who cares?"

Lively Arts #12 Winter/Spring 1989
Tony Lestat: Have you tried work on any solo projects?
Dave Vanian: "Not really.  I went around to Glenn Danzig's garage [Tony
Lestat: Dave probably means Jerry Only's garage] and sang along to
"Archangel".  He had to show me the lyrics to it.  I'll be seeing Jerry
[Only] in New Jersey next week, and he says that the Misfits have 14 new
songs that are really good.  He wants me to work with them, but I don't know
if I'm going to be able to.  He's asked me several times to do something
with them.  Until now, especially last year, I couldn't do anything.  I was
really tied down to this MCA deal.  There was a lot of solo stuff I wanted
to do, but I couldn't get it.  I've been looking around for a guitarist to
work with, but no one's really popped out at me yet.  Rat's doing a solo
thing - a drum record, of course.  Brian James is doing some guitar on it.
Brian's out and about working again 'cause I guess the Lords are a bit
shaky.  He's more sober now."

Scene - May 9-15 1996
John Nikolal recently did a Misfits feature in the above publication.  The
following extract relates to the Damned:

"[Jerrry] Only's other first choice for the Misfits' singer was Dave Vanian,
best known as the voice of UK punk legends, the Damned.  After Vanian
declined the invitation, Only ran ads in New York's Village Voice, tryng
unsuccessfully to find a singer.  Only recalls that trying to get Vanian to
commit last year was "kinda like beatn' a dead horse".  Vanian first blew
off the Misfits well over a decade ago, when he never bothered to record
"Archange'" with them, a song which they'd written especially for him.
Danzig eventually recorded it with Samhain, a band he formed after the
Misfits were laid to rest."

John Nikolai was also nice enough to send me the following which wasn't used
in the article:

"Unplublished excerpts from an interview with Jerry Only, original Misfits
bassist; Apqil 27 [Ed.: My birthday!], 1996.  Interviewed by John Nikolai
for Scene, Northeast Ohio's Entertainment Weekly.  Q & A starts after Only
describes Michael Graves, new Misfits singer.  Prior to these quotes, he
mentioned that trying to get Vanian to agree to front the Misfits was
"kinda like beating a dead horse". [see above]"  "I told Only about your
article and he gave his blessing for NDN to use whatever Damned-related
things he said in the interview I did with him.  I've never been sure if you
have to let an artist know exactly where their quotas are going to be
printed, but I think I heard that once so I always try and make sure they
know exactly what publication their words will appear in."

So you weren't looking for someone that had anything remotely in common with
Jerry Only: "Uh, no, as a matter of fact we thought that would work against
us.  We weren't trying to go out and get a Glenn look-alike, if you know
what I'm saying.  We felt that if we brought Dave Vanian in, he had his own
image and his own sound and there'd be no comparison between him and Glenn."

I imagine that you had been counting on the Vanian thing just because I know
that it was advertised In England that there was going to be a Misfits gig
with Vanian (for March 15, 1996).
Jerry Only: "Well, the thing was with Vanian in 1978 (Note: I think Only is
wrong, Henrik.  It was '79 don't you think? [Yap]) we went to England to
open for them on the UK tour and their management stepped in and screwed us
over.  We were getting a hundred dollars a night and they wouldn't pay us.
I paid for the plane tickets and the whole thing.  It wound up being a big
mess, but I got to see Dave perform like 4 or 5 times before we told the
guys to go fuck themselves, and, uh, what wound up happening was that I
thought he was a fantastic perfomer.  I think he is the Damned.  I think if
anybody thinks the rest of the guys in the Damned have anything to do with
it, they really don't know what they're talking about.  I think their
original guitar player... Uh, I think Brian James is his name?"

Yeah, Brian.
Jerry Only: "Ok, Brian.  Brian is very good and Brian wrote most of the
material that is on the first album, so I can't knock Brian, but at the same
trne I've never seen them with Brian.  When I saw them, Captain was playing
guitar and he sucks as a guitar player in my opinion.  You know what I mean?
He's just too fancy, too all over the place, too erratic, and, you know,
Dave was fantastic.  His live presence was fantastic, his vocals were great,
his image, the way he interacted with the crowd.  And I always said to myself
when we were in England in '78 ['79], "Man, I'd really would like to got
together a band and let Dave do the vocals, even if it was a side project
for the Misfits and in the event that Glenn and I stuck it out all the way
that I would still like to do something with Dave", and at a certain point
in our career with the Misfits, Glenn wrote a song called "Archangel" which
he later put on a Samhain record but it was written for Dave Vanian for us
to back him up and Dave came out to my house and we went out in my garage
and we laid it down.  Well, we didn't lay it down.  We didn't put it on tape,
but we taught it to him and he said: "Oh, okay, next time I'm back in the
States I'll stop down and we'll put it together and put it out."  We were
gonna put it out on Plan 9 (The Misfits' label).  And, uh, he never called,
he never showed up, he never pursued it so I try not to be a baby-sitter in
this kind of business, you know.  If people don't wanna get off their ass
and motivate themselves... you know, I got enough motivation for 20 people,
but you know, I try to deal with people who are motivated."

Pile Magazine #21, 1996
Private Pile: "Originally it was announced that Damned vocalist Dave Vanian
would be handling the vocals.  I asked why they went with an unknown instead
of Dave Vanian? and he [Jerry Only] simply replies, "Well, he showed up.
That's the big factor, Dave just didn't show up."

Lacunae Magazine #7, April 1996 (Questions by A.J. Ryan & Pamela Hazelton)
What do you think of The Undead [Bobby Steele's band after he left the
Jerry Only: "He [Bobby Steele] stole the name from me!  One night, while he
was still in the band, Bobby and I were hanging by my house and I told him
I was thinking about starting a side project with Dave Vanian (The Damned).
Not to leave the Misfits, but to do something different.  At the time, the
guys in the Damned were screwing Dave around big time, playing gigs behind
his back and keeping the money.  So I wanted to put out this album, or maybe
a four song EP, release it on Plan 9 Records and call it The 1980 Undead.
It was 1980 when Bobby was asked to leave, and he used the name Undead."

The Undead 1980 project - is that why Glenn wrote "Archangel"?
Jerry Only: "Yes, Glenn wrote the song for Dave Vanian and we (The Misfits)
did it great.  Dave came over to my house and Glenn sang it for him.  Then
Dave sang it and it sounded great so I told him that when he gets back to
the States, we'd record it, but he never came back."

The Misfitss went to England to open for the Damned.  But it never happened?
Jerry Only: "It would have been one of our biggest shows.  One day Dave and
I got together and agreed The Misfits would open for them.  Tnree weeks
before they needed us there I got a telegram.  So we ran around, got our
passports.  I had to come up with the money for the plane tickets.  When we
got there, their manager, Doug Smith, screwed us.  He wouldn't give us the
money we were promised.  Rat Scabies was producing a band from Ireland, and
he put them [Victim) in our spot.  Dave nor anybody went to bat for us, so
we wound up walking off the tour."

Misfits-aficionado Mike Stax recently told me in a letter:
"Glenn wrote the song [Archangel] for Dave Vanian and the Misfits recorded
the complete backing track (circa 1981-82).  Vanian was supposed to do a
lead vocal overdub but it never happened.  The song later surfaced on the
first Samhain album.  It would've been perfect for Dave's voice and image!
Jerry Only is still In touch with Dave (they've known each other since '79)
- hence the offer of him joining the new Misfits line-up." (If you want to
read more about the Misfits, go ahead and order Mike Stax' brilliant
"Ugly Things" magazine (issues 12, 13 & 14 are $6 each and all contain
Misfits stuft) at: Ugly Things, 405 W. Washington St. #237, San Diego, CA
92103.  And don't forget to let Mike know that you're only ordering UT 'cos
you were told to do so by NDN.)

Archangel lyrics

Heaven sends me here to you
And if a-you fear you've reason to
Open up all seven seals
The beast has come to claim the youth, well

Defiant Brood
Defiant Brood
I call on you

Casted down my bretheren
Rebels from authority
Contempt and lust
All these things I give to you

Defiant Brood
Defiant Brood
I call on you

I am not your son of god
The prince of light will show no fear
Mine is that which rules this world
The beast has come, I am the end


And when they cast out the brood
For the sin of pride misused
And when they cast down to hell
Fucking brood


Heaven sends me here to you
And if a-you fear you've reason to
Open up all seven seals
The beast has come to claim the youth