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MTV.COM, 5/29/98


     5.29.98 10:00 EDT Misfits Get Hideous New Singer
     The Misfits' Michale Graves has left the DIY punk band as the group
     was preparing a tour of South America and Europe designed to support
     the release of last year's "American Psycho."
     Graves' replacement for the tour is Myke Hideous, formerly of the
     equally grim rock group, Empire Hideous, and a long-time friend of
     Misfits bassist Jerry Only.
     The band, which formed in the late '70s as part of New York's
     underground hardcore scene, originally featured ghoulish vocalist
     Glenn Danzig, but disbanded when Danzig left the group in 1983 to
     form Samhain.
     The Misfits founding line-up reunited in 1997 with Graves serving as
     Danzig's replacement, and upon Graves' departure, Danzig was asked
     if he wanted to re-join the band, but declined.
     The Misfits plan to use the dates abroad as an opportunity to abroad
     to audition Hideous for the full-time gig, and, according to one fan
     site, Hideous performed his first show with the band earlier this
     week in Glasgow, Scotland.
     In light of the recent lead singer switch, the group has delayed
     plans to release a new studio album until a permanent vocalist has
     been announced. The Misfits still plan to release a live record,
     "Evil Live II," later in the year.