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By Kris McL / PO Box 867262 / Piano, TX 75086-7262 / ph # (214)517-1230

    OK, OK I know the Misfits are not every one's
favorite band, and I know liking them has become
somewhat of a cliche, but, there are still people out
there who enjoy their music, and their records are
certainly sought after.  In this article I am going to
touch on Misfits rarities, not all the Plan 9 ones
that will keep all you die-hard Misfits collectors up
at night.
    When we are dealing with Misfits rarities, on
of my favorites is the alternate sleeve to the
"Horror Business" 7", since in my opinion, it
probably is one of their best records.  Apparently,
when Glenn Danzig had the sleeves made up, he
originally had a full length picture of the group in
a sort of a "Night of the Living Dead" type pose (all
the band members appear to be groping for the
camera)for the back of the sleeve.  After he had the
sleeves printed he realized the print shop hadn't
done a very good job of the sleeves (they came out
a dark gray and white instead of black and white).
Being the perfectionist that Glenn has all ways
been, he decided to destroy all the sleeves and
possibly use the picture at a later date, which he
never did.  Glenn and Bobby Steele embarked on
the task of destroying all these sleeves, as Glenn
did not want the picture in circulation, it was too
good a picture for that. While Glenn and Bobby
were destroying the sleeves Barry Hennsier from the
Necros came over and being one of the few record collec-
tors at the time, just had to have some.  Glenn ended up
giving Barry about 7-8 sleeves, Glenn kept 2-3 for himself, and
gave another 2-3 to other band members and that was it, all
the rest were destroyed, that's right there are approximately
15 or so of these puppies floating around.  When the "Horror
Business" 7" was pressed, the pressing plant made a mistake
on about 20-25 of the yellow vinyl records and put A side
labels on both sides of the record.  Of course, there is also
the infamous black vinyl edition made for press kits, only
20-25 of these were made.
    Glenn Danzig's solo single, "Who Killed Marilyn?",
had one of these mega-rarities come out of it.  Between press-
ing the black and the purple vinyl records, approximately
25 purple and black marbled records were made, since
Glenn didn't want to pay the pressing plant fee to have the
plates cleaned between colors. (Contrary to popular belief,
of the two colors, black is the rarer with only 500 pressed).
    Glenn was always a big on having acetates
made.  Although I have never owned one, I know many people that
do.  Acetates supposedly for alternate versions of the following
songs: "Where Eagles Dare," "We Are 138" (from Evilive recordings),
"T.V. Casualty," and of course the one everyone hopes to see in
his or her lifetime, the "Teen-agers from Mars/Static Age" acetate.
I have heard the alternate versions from the acetate and can
safely say they are incredible!
    When the "Evilive" 7" was released, Glenn had some
singles left over after doing the Fiend Club edition, so he
decided to make '3-Packs'.  33 '3-Packs' were made, each record
having a sleeve with a picture of Glenn, Jerry Only, and Doyle
respectively.  All of the 3-Packs were numbered and autographed.
    As well as the aforementioned record, there are several test
pressings and various other mispressings floating around, who knows,
with a keen eye and a full wallet you may own some of these
mega-rarities some day.  All Misfits fans looking for these items
feel free to contact me, I may be able to help you find some of
these records and more!

[This article also includes a picture of Kris's autographed "Horror
 Business" alternate sleeve, which he has since sold.]