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May 27, 1998

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here not to mourn the loss of one of our members, lead 
singer Michale Graves (no he's not dead he just left the band,) but to 
celebrate the continuing legacy that is the Misfits.  Nothing in life is 
constant.  All things are subject to change, and the Misfits are no 
exception.  As we head overseas in support of our latest release AMERICAN
PSYCHO (Geffen), an outrageous singer and long time friend of mine, Myke
Hideous formerly of Empire Hideous, has agreed to assume the 
responsibilities of lead vocalist.

Joining a band involves assuming responsibilities, many of which are 
unseen by the eyes of outsiders.  From rehearsals, song writing and vocal
training, to public appearances, fan mail and day to day business, being 
a member of the Misfits is more than a full time job, it is a way of 
life.  To be a part of this band is to attack all of these aspects with 
all of your heart.  I would offer nothing less and so expect that same 
dedication from everyone on our team.

Lead singer, Michale Graves has chosen the alternative to all the work 
necessary to be a member of the Misfits, he has quit.  This is an option 
that he rightfully possesses and has exercised.  I respect his decision 
and wish him well.

When Glenn Danzig left the band in 1983 I fought with all I had to keep 
the Misfits alive.  Everyone thought it would be impossible, but I did 
not give up.  With Michale, we recorded AMERICAN PSYCHO, and it seemed 
that our dream had been revived and so it was.  Michale's departure does 
not represent the demise of the Misfits, as I will once again fight to 
keep the band alive. 

As a courtesy to the "Fiends," Danzig was once again approached to 
rejoin the Misfits and has declined our offer.  Our tour in Europe and 
South America will serve as a long audition for Myke's permanent status 
in the band.  At the end of this trial period guitarist Doyle, drummer 
Chud and myself will come to a decision and make our announcement.

The next Misfits record will be released when a vocalist has been agreed 
upon, and when an album that we feel is even better then AMERICAN PSYCHO 
has been recorded, and not before.  However, we will release the long 
awaited EVIL LIVE II in the not too distant future, so the world will 
not be without its necessary Misfits dosage for very long.

Know that we will go on and we will be stronger then before.  The day of 
the dead is not coming, it is here.  As long as we have our music and our
dedicated fans, the Misfits will continue to create the mayhem that we 
have always loved and that all of you have come to expect.  Heading into 
the new millennium there are no boundaries, there are no rules.  We will 
take no prisoners. Our goal is to be the best ever!  You have been

					'Till Death Do Us Part,
					Jerry Only 

Misfits - American Psycho: European Dates


Mon		01	France		Strasbourgs La Lateria
Wed		03	Germany		Koblenz Subculture
Thurs		04	Germany		Bochum Zuche
Fri		05	Germany		Berlin So36
Sat		06	Germany		Chamnitz Tahlshok
Sun		07	Germany 	Herford Kick (W/Agnostic Front)
Mon		08	Germany		Scweinfurt  Alte Stadlbauhor
Tues		09	Germany		Stuttgart Rohrm
Wed		10	Denmark		Copenhagen Pumphusot (W/NOFX)
Thurs		11	Sweden		Hultsfred Festival
Sat		13	Finland		Provinssirock Festival
Sun 		14	Germany 	Hamburg Markethalle
Mon		15	Germany 	Solingen Getaway
Tues		16	Italy		TBA
Wed		17	Italy		TBA
Thurs		18	Italy		TBA
Fri		19	Italy		TBA
Sat		20	Switzerland	Luzern Schour
Mon		22	France		Lyon Pezner
Tues		23	Spain		Bilbao Kafe Antzokia
Wed		24	Netherlands	Amsterdam Melkweg (W/Coal Chamber)
Thurs		25	Netherlands	Rotterdam Baroeg
Sun		28	Belgium		Metal Meeting Festival

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