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[There were 3 pages of the January 1996 Fiend Club membership package.
 Page 1: The Official Misfits Fiend Club
 Page 2: Monster Stamp Petition
 Page 3: T-Shirts / Posters Order Form (not reproduced here)]


Thirteen years ago The Misfits disappeared from the face of the earth.  Now
it's 13 years later and it's as if time has frozen since then.  This was the
band you wanted to see, the music you wanted to hear, and the "Fiend Club,"
which you thought would always endure.


The Fiend Club is officially back as of January 1, 1996.  It is free to all 
those who are proud to put their name next to mine and stand behind the band
that gives all they have, all of the time.  I've been saving these stickers,
cyclopian membership and all of these thoughts just for you - The Loyal.  I
personally ran the Doyle Fan Club.  I read all of your letters.  I've saved
them all.  These letters helped me when I was down, they kept me strong,
they helped me fight, and they made me win.  I'm proud to bring The Misfits
back for you.  I will endure, or die trying!
I do however want to pay homage to all the "Fiends" who died before they 
could see the devestation that I have planned.  These "Fiends" were good 
friends who helped the band all they could, without pay, in the early days.
Jimi Coleman #28, Hoople, Tony Marano #24, David Cono, Joe D., Joe Coppolla
and just as of November, Patti Giordano.  I will carry their honor into 
battle...and I pray they can somehow see us come again in glory.

The package I've sent you has many things about it which must be explained.
They are as follows:
    11 - T-shirt Flyers
     2 - Misfits Fiend Club Stickers
     2 - Cyclopian Logo Cards (Circle)
     2 - Cyclopian Membership Cards
     1 - Find-A-Fiend (Postcard)

I've sent a double set of membership cards and stickers for you to sign up
a fiend.  Please choose someone who will support the band, as you have - 
"Eternally"  To sign up a fiend, please bring at least two T-shirt flyers to
at least 3 local stores that carry "Misfit" gear.  Get all the information
from these stores, and fill it in on the postcard (phone #, fax #, buyers
name, zip code).  After you have all of the info from three (3) stores on 
your "Find-A-Fiend" card, put your new fiend's address, zip and phone number
in the return address spot.  Then mail it back to us to our database.  Don't
put a fiend who's already in because the computer will erase any duplicates.
We are trying to double our "fiends" everytime you see these postcards.  
Please - let's grow!

T-shirts are our only resource for funding the "Fiend Club" and will supply
the free goods and postage for all "Fiend Club" mailings.  Checks must be
made out to Cyclopian Music Inc.

I will later offer package deals on both posters and T-shirts.  So be patient.
Allow me to organize this "Fiend Club" so I can keep up with it without 
taking away from new music.  Please use the "MF" numbers when ordering 
shirts.  An order form is provided.

My fax number is 201-764-6718.  Any stores that want to order can fax me info
and a phone #.  Please always send your phone number.  I don't have the time 
to write back but if I can, I'll call.  I'm announcing a good fiend of mine,
Mark Kennedy (AKA Misfits Bible) will be the President of The Misfits Fiend
Club and answer any E-mail and Internet stuff.  I will update him on a 
constant basis since the The Misfits Fiend Club mailings take a long time to
organize and are not quick enough for some fiends.  Mark will be the well and
will always have fresh water.

During Halloween we attended the "Chiller Theatre" convention at the
Meadowlands Hilton and interviewed Bela Lugosi Jr., Sara Karloff, Ron 
Chaney Jr., and the "Creature from the Black Lagoon", Ben Chapman.  I offered
the assistance of the "Fiend Club" to help gather petitions to get "Monster
Stamps" through Congress.  The stamps will be Karloff - Frankenstein, 
Lugosi - Dracula, Chaney - Wolfman or The Phantom of the Opera, and hopefully
Chapman as the Creature.  I saw Elvis stamps, Marilyn stamps, bird stamps,
flower stamps, etc.

Why not monsters?  They need our help.  I've enclosed a petition to be filled
out and faxed to Bela Lugosi Jr. (213-623-3379) and also faxed to me (Jerry
Only 201-764-6718) or mailed back to the "Fiend Club".  I don't usually offer
your service but since these people are the essence of "The Misfits" it's 
only right to give back to those who've given us so much!  I would be 
thankful for any help you might be able to give.

I'm proud to lead you into a new millenium.

Forever, Jerry Only                         

Classic Monster Stamp Set Petition                   

This letter is to lend my support to a United States Stamp Petition
honoring Lon Chaney Jr., Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in recognition
of their major achievements in the film industry.  These actors have 
contributed immeasurably to the entertainment field.  They hold a unique 
place in the history of American cinema.  It would be an appropriate
tribute to have their likeness affixed to a Postage Stamp.  Please
consider this my endorsement of this petition!
Make a copy for your fiend!


        Please mail this paper to:

              The Misfits Fiend Club
                    P.O. Box 310
             Vernon, New Jersey 07462
                    or Fax 
             Bela Lugosi Jr. at       
               (213) 623-3379
         or The Misfits Fiend Club at
                (201) 764-6718