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METAL MANIACS, October 1997

The Misfits
American Psycho

The Misfits have consistently credited as an influence in bands as diverse as
Metallica, Rancid, and White Zombie. Approximately a decade and a half after
disabanding, Jerry Only (bass) has regrouped with his brother Doyle,
recruited Michale Graves to assume Glenn Danzig's position in the mic and Dr.
Chud to drive the beats.

Before dismissing the Misfits as another band coming back to pay their kids
college educations, give "American Psycho" a chance. Yes, some songs seem
stale in light of the factthat the bands formula has been duplicated,
literally, millions of times. But the band set wheels in motion for metal,
punk, and hardcore to take root, has put forth a solid effort.

Backed by a major label recording budget it lacked in previous incarnation,
the production work of Daniel Rey (Ramones) is at its peak. The purebred punk
music is preceded by "The Abominable Dr. Phibes", a metallic intro that
crashes into the upbeat title track, easily one of the album's highlights.
Recalling the frantic energy of yesteryear, they still rock harder and faster
than H20 and Green Day, both groups that owe their existence to the Misfits.
Songs such as "Crimson Ghost", "The Haunting", and "Walk Among Us", laced
with 70's punk rock guitar wound with fast and simple beats, may spawn a new
generation of Misfits fans.

The vocals, sure to be closely scrutinized, don't hold them back, but Graves
sounds apprehensive at times. For those looking for a Danzig clone, though,
look elsewhere.

Resurrecting Nightmare and comic book related scenes in the heyday of shock
rock may turn to astute business move.Thankfully though, the integrity on
"American Psycho" can not be faulted. It shoul blast the cynics away
                                      -Ary Nussbaum