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L.A. TIMES, 4/15/82


   While English groups like the Damned and local combos like 45 Grave have
been defining their particular brands of ghoul-punk, New York's Misfits
have been working th East Coast with grade-Z horror-movie rock.  The
quartet made its L.A. debut at the Whisky Tuesday, slashing through a set
of sonic overkill to a small but devoted following.
   Take away the group's muscular necro-metal pose and you have a speeded-up
version of the Ramones power-chord formula in KISS clothing.  Attired in a
skeleton shirt, singer Glenn Danzig, like the guitarists flanking him, had
a greasy clump of hair falling directly over his forehead.  Danzig has a
gutsy voice capable of melodic __?__ and the ____?____ harmonies actually cut
through the feedback and speed-of-light thrash.  But the band relies as much
on image as it does on music, which is energetic but standard punk.
   In a way the Misfits are as corny and disposable as a double bill of
"Night Of The Living Dead" and "Brain Eaters" (both of which are also Misfits
song titles).  Black Flag singer Henry Rollins joined the group for its final
piece, "Bullet," a shocking, visceral account of President Kennedy's
assassination that's one of the most jolting punk songs ever written.  The
Misfits are due at Al's Bar Saturday.  --CRAIG LEE