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Metallica recorded a segue - "Last Caress"/"Green Hell" - for the "$5.98 EP:
Garage Days Re-Revisited". "Last Caress" was originally on The Misfits' 1980
12" single "Beware" (Cherry Red), whilst "Green Hell" can be found on the
alnum "Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood" (Plan 9, 1983). A BAND whose status as cult
heroes owes as much to their sense of mystery as it does to anything they
ever released. Indeed, were it not for the intense support offered by
Metallica in genaral and James Hetfield in particular, The Misfits would
probably have remained in obscurity.
    Formed in 1977 by vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only, the
group actually made little commercial impact during their five years
together, although albums such as "Walk Among Us" (Ruby Records, 1982),
arguably the bands finest release, did become cult collectors' items. The
first line-up of The Misfits also featured drummer Manny and put out a
single, "Cough/Cool"/"She" in 1977 on the Blank label, with Danzig doubling
up on piano. Shortly thereafter, Manny departed, the band bringing in Mr Jim
as his replacement. They also recruited keyboardsman Franche Coma. This
line-up recorded the "Bullet" EP (Plan 9, 1978).
    However, both Mr Jim and Franche Coma were quickly replaced by guitarist
Bobby Steele and drummer Joey Image for the EPs "Horror Business" (Plan 9,
1979) and "Night Of The Living Dead" (Plan 9, 1979), by which time the
band's somewhat ghoulish yet Punky style and sound was in place.
    A further line-up change led to Doyle and Googy replacing Steele and
Image, respectively. It was this line-up that was responsible for "Walk
Among Us". Further albums and line-up changes followed, but commercial
success always eluded The Misfits. They eventually split in 1983, after
which vocalist Glenn Danzig went on to form another underground band in
Samhain before Danzig finally saw him achieve commercial success.