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HIT PARADER, p.78-79, JULY 1997


   Try to envision mixing Metal, Hardcore, East and West Coast Punk sounds
with the b-movie horror obsession of the Misfits.  What you'll get is
Violent World, a tribute to one of the most influential punk rock acts of
all time.  Such popular bands as Sick Of It All, Pennywise, NOFX and
Goldfinger are all big time Misfits fans and carefully selected their
songs.  "Over the past couple of years, I saw a lot of tribute records that
weren't very good," explains producer, Tom Bejgrowicz.  "I personally chose
all the bands, and they chose what songs they wanted to do and presented
them to me.  I knew these bands were all fans and would do a great job.
They were all pretty adamant about what Misfits songs they wanted to do.
I knew if I let them do what they wanted, it would be a better result -- and
it was."
   Bejgrowicz, who has produced all of the Misfits albums, except for one,
probably knows the group better than anyone else.  The Misfits were formed
in 1977 and founded by Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only.  At the time they were
a three-piece outfit, no one could have ever guessed that their debut
single, Cough Cool, would become one of the most sought-after songs of the
punk genre.  The Violent World Collection consists of 14 never-before-
releasted Misfits covers (1977 to 1984).
   "It took us a year to put it together.  There was a lot of waiting," sums
up Bejgrowicz.  "But, obviously it was well worth the wait.  The first time
I ever heard any of the covers I was quite taken back because I know the
originals.  When you hear a track, it's not supposed to sound like Glenn
Danzig sining.  It's the 90s and it's the bands' own style coming through.
I think the more you listen to Violent World, the better it becomes.  It's
because these bands have added their own trademark to the songs.  It's a
great tribute."

[This article also includes pictures of The Misfits, Pennywise, Sick Of It
 All, and Goldfinger as well as lyrics to "Astro Zombies," "All Hell Breaks
 Loose," and "Ghouls Night Out."]