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HODGEPODGE #2, Fall 1997

[This Antidote interview includes several references to Arthur Googy, who
 joined Antidote after he left The Misfits.  Hodgepodge is published by
 Mike Schade * 432 Red Jacket Quad * SUNY Buffalo * Buffalo, NY 14261.]


Antidote... most you probably have no idea who this band is... in fact, the
only reason we know of them is because some punk (Peter Punk) made me a tape
once and the Antidote 7" was on it which in turn, is one of the best records
ever.  Fast and thrashy nyc hardcore that influenced a whole slew of bands
during that era, the early 80s nyc hc/punk scene.  A time when hc and punk
were one which is a thing that is almost unheard of these days.  A lot of
hc kids hate punk which is stupid in our opinion.  If there never was punk,
where would we all be?  Anyways, Antidote reocrded a 7", almost 15 years
ago and it still today remains a classic.  It is very hard to come across,
in fact, it is impossible to come across it unless you're willing to fork
out at least $50 for it, which is ridiculous.  I don't think that it will
ever be repressed so try and get someone to make a tape of the Antidote 7"
because it's one of the best records ever.  Antidote broke up shortly after
the 7" was recorded and this is the first interview Louie has done in over
10 years, so it's kind of like cleaning everything up.  He currently lives
in the Atlanta area and is looking for a band to sing in.  If you are
interested in doing something with him, we can hook you up with his address
and all that.

Hodgepodge: Ok, so introduce yourself...
Louie: I'm Louie, the original singer with Antidote NYHC.

Hodgepodge: Did you sing on the 7"
Louie: The one and only.

Hodgepodge: So how did the band get started?
Louie: Me and the drummer, Bliss, and guitar player, Nunzio were hanging out
on the lower east side back in '82 and Bliss had just left the Misfits,
where he was known as Googy, and basically had a rehearsal space on 2nd Ave
and Houston Street.  We got together to jam and see what would happen.

Hodgepodge: Are you still in contact with the guys in the band?
Louie: Me and Brian, who played bass stay in touch.  I call him about twice
a year.

Hodgepodge: When and why did the band break up?
Louie: Basically, the break up took place in late '84 and it was after a show
at Wilson Center in DC.  A lot of personality conflicts within the structure
of the band caused the demise.

Hodgepodge: What have you been doing since then?
Louie: I've been somewhat traveling the country and abroad since '85.  I'm
interested in starting a new band now that I'm set up in Atlanta.

Hodgepodge: Do you want the band to be in the same mold as Antidote or...?
Louie: Anything that's... loud... fast... and rules is fine with me.

Hodgepodge: What bands around today do you enjoy?
Louie: New Bomb Turks, Jughead's Revenge, Voodoo Glowskulls, Both Worlds,
A.F., and a lot of shout outs to Front Line, Urban Waste, C.F.A., The Mob,
Bad Brains, and the B-Boys.

Hodgepodge: So tell me how the nyc scene was way back when...
Louie: It was a lot less violent and a lot more unity.

Hodgepodge: Do you think the 7" will ever be repressed?
Louie: Actually it has been but unfortunately I was not informed as to
exactly what labe it was sold to, but I do know it was to some label in

Hodgepodge: When was this?
Louie: Maybe '88 or '89, I'm not quite sure.

Hodgepodge: What do you do for a living?
Louie: I'm a dishwasher... imagine that!!!!

Hodgepodge: Do you like doing what you do?
Louie: Who the hell likes dead end jobs?  If you know someone who does, I
want to meet them personally.

Hodgepodge: Ok, I like dead end jobs so you can meet me.
Louie: It would be a pleasure.

Hodgepodge: Do you still remember the lyrics to your songs?
Louie: Of course.

Hodgepodge: Ok, so what is the song "Nazi Youth" about?
Louie: Basically, "Nazi Youth" was about individuals who did not have a
clear vision of life in general.

Hodgepodge: What do you mean by clear vision?
Louie: What I mean by clear vision of life is in my opinion, one who has a
inner revolution with themselves and can accept the person thay they see
in the mirror.

Hodgepodge: What about the song "Got me on the line"?
Louie: The song was self explanatory in the sense that we were still kind of
directing our message towards individuals that were still in a fog about

Hodgepodge: Do you think hardcore will ever change anything?
Louie: Just as long as the message stays clear..yes, it's also a plus that
the industry accepts "hardcore" as what it is.

Hodgepodge: Did you ever imagine hardcore bands would be on MTV?
Louie: Back then, truly no.  Now it's a plus.

Hodgepodge: I what way do you think that being on MTV is a plus?
Louie: Personally, whenever the industry itself accepts hardcore as we know
it, then of course it has to be a step in the right direction.  Thus,
henceforth a plus.

Hodgepodge: How did you come up with the name Antidote?
Louie: Basically, the scene back then was needing something more in a
positive direction so we felt the only cure was a Antidote.

Hodgepodge: Very appropriate, do you think there ever will be a Antidote
Louie: Me personally I always felt that we needed to do some sort of farewell
tour because I felt that our devoted fans deserved that and as far as the
future is concerned, I'm always open to suggestion.

Hodgepodge: The thing now is that a lot of people have heard of Antidote
but never actually heard the music because it is so hard to get a hold of,
ya know.  I always see it being sold for at least 50 bucks.
Louie: Unfortunately, I don't even have a copy... imagine that.

Hodgepodge: That sucks, I only have a copy of it.  Do you remember any good
stories from shows you played?
Louie: If this will answer your question... as far as good stories from shows
we played, I was always so personally wound up in the performance that I
would always get great feedback from personal friends that were in bands at
the time..and those were positive but as far as great shows, there were so
many that I wouldn't know where to start.

Hodgepodge: Do people know from shows or whatever know who you are and what
band you were in?
Louie: No.

Hodgepodge: What a shame.
Louie: Thanks.

Hodgepodge: What was the last interview that you did.
Louie: MRR... like summer of '83, oh yeah, we made the Puszone if you
remember that one.

Hodgepodge: No I don't, could you enlighten me?
Louie: If you remember Thrasher zine, then you remember Pushead who was
reviewing records and that..

Hodgepodge: Oh, I know who Pushead is.
Louie: ..was called the Puszone.  I am now in the process of making Antidote
shirts, keep posted for more info.

Hodgepodge: Ok, that's about all, would you like to add anything?
Louie: Thanks for the opportunity for finally being able to express my side
of the story.