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                    LITTLE DOLLS

        Shock, horror and nauseating fear are expected to reign supreme later
this year when three new rock and roll action figures are sprung on an
unsuspecting nation.

        The first, due in June from Spawn creator Todd McFarlane's
McFarlane Toys, is none other than the Godfather of Metal himself, Ozzy
Osbourne.  Armed with a wood cross and a buffer physique than Ozzy ever
dreamed of, the seven-inch toy comes with headless doves and bats - subtle
items wich should remind any He-Man or G.I. Joe just who's boss.  As the
singer himself points out, "This isn't a doll.  You wouldn't sleep with it.
Well," he adds with a ghastly grin, "most people wouldn't."

        Next, from 21st Century Toys, are fully poseable Misfits figures.
Slated for release in June, the run will intially include bassist Jerry
Only and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, with drummer Dr. Chud
and singer Michael Graves due out by Halloween.  Doyle and Only will come
with miniature versions of their legendary homemade axes, accurate down to
the last batwing and skull.  But despite the Misfits' affinity for
monster-movie imagery in their music, they have nothing but sweet thoughts
in connection with their actions figures.

        "We just want to give something back to the kids," says Only.  "And
besides, having our own toy is the highlight of our career.  How cool is

                                   -- Brian Stillman