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Guitar World, August 1997

                  3 stars (of 4)
                   THE MISFITS
                 American Psycho

  The big question with the Misfits wasn't when they 
were going to enter the Nineties, but how.  Since the 
loss of their lead singer, Glenn Danzig, over a decade 
ago, the band has been toying with the idea of reforming 
and re-entering the rock arena.  And they have done so, 
in an almost brilliant way, with American Psycho.
  The title of the album is taken from a third-rate novel 
by Brett Easton Ellis, whose tale of a Wall Street killer 
perfectly reflects the mentality of this entire recording:
cheap, violent, predictable and lots of fun.  The Misfits 
have always carried that particular banner, and have
always sung about Martians, graveyards, the devil, the 
dead and hell.  Nothing much has changed, which is a 
good thing.
  The album was produced by Daniel Rey, best known for 
his work with the Ramones, and mixed by Andy Wallace, 
who has also worked with Slayer.  So, you get a Ramones-
meets-Slayer sound, which, of course, is the only way 
the Misfits could have gone, considering their new 
audience is comprised of kids who only know them from 
the T-shirts big metal bands wear in their honor.

                                  -- George Tabb