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GD, 1983


The Misfits were interviewed at 2 different times after their Mad Gardens 
show way back in January.  This was originally to be a much longer article, 
but a great deal of the material was stolen by the editor of another zine. 
With material added to what I had left, donated by Mr. X, Also thanks to 
him and Soue Moped for the pix.  The interview was conducted by Stewart, 
Butch, Naiya, and Mr. X with Glenn (vocals), and Jerry (bass) speaking 

Glenn: Let's watch Richard Simmons and discuss how much we want to kill him, 
and dismember him.
GD: Do you guys really hate Richard Simmons?
G: Oh yea.  No wait -- Who in this room would Not want to dismember Richard 
Simmons? (Someone says to castrate him)
GD: What's your shoe size?
Glenn: 9 1/2
Jerry: 9 1/2
GD: What's the scene in New Jersey like?
Glenn: New Jersey and New York have a really good scene, despite what you 
GD: How big is the New York scene?
Glenn: About 500-1000 people will come to the bigger shows.
GD: Do you like the Midwest or LA?
Glenn: I like 'em both.  You shouldn't compare -- everybody's got their own 
scene and they're proud of it.
GD: How'd you like Japan?
Glenn: We didn't go to Japan.  I wish we'd go there because I collect 
shoguns and they have tons of em over there.  Shit I could go crazy there.
GD: What took you guys so long to get to Phoenix?
Glenn: We couldn't get a gig last time in Phoenix so we had to play Tucson.
GD: So what did you think?
Glenn: I thought tonight was great, 'cept for the cops closing it down.  They 
kept making us turn it down.  Jerry says Hey!
Jerry: Hey!
Glenn: So we'll be back again; this was great.  The thing in Tucson was I 
called the guy back to confirm the gig, and then he thought that he wasn't 
gonna put on the show.  And then he didn't put up any flyers or posters or 
GD: How did the "Horror Image" start?
Glenn: We were always this way, since back in '78.  Its not really horror 
rock, its just that instead of singing about politics we just wanna sing 
about stuff we like.
GD: Why do you think that so many other bands are like this now?
Glenn: I don't know.  It's sorta flattering.
GD: Are you satanic?
Glenn: We're aware.  We don't practice or anything, y'know.  We're just 
aware of everything.
GD: What do you think of 45 Grave?
Glenn: They're boring.
GD: Do you like Christian Death?
Glenn: No, I don't like 'em that much.
GD: What are some of the bands that you do like?
Glenn: Go ahead, tell 'em!  Tom Jones.  They've got a tape of all Tom Jones 
and they play it in the van.
GD: Where'd you get your tattoo?
Glenn: In Costa Mesa.  It was free.
GD: Are the Misfits Straight-edge at all?
Glenn: I am, but I went off the other night.  Me and Andy from the Necros 
went off with 2 bottles of schnapps.  The other guys aren't.
GD: How do you feel about drugs?
Glenn: I don't care what other people do, I just don't do it.  People can go 
and take a gun and blow their heads off, and I don't care.  I could give 2 
shits what anybody -- As long as it doesn't fuck with me.  When it comes 
down to screwing things up for me, then I care.  So, go out and kill your 
mother, I don't care.  It's not my mother...
GD: Except for Robo, has this been the original line-up?
Glenn: No, me and Jerry are the only original members, and Doyle is Jerry's 
brother.  We had a different guitar player, he left and Doyle was ready, so 
we got him.  When Googy quit we got Robo.
GD: Why did Googy quit?
Glenn: He wanted to be in another band.
GD: Where did you get your bass?
Jerry: I made it.  The top part came -- some guy made me a mold of a skull 
in Cal.  And he brought it down to the shop.  That was it. (The large - 
about 2" -- spikes they wear on their jackets were also made by them.)
GD: Who designed the classic Misfits skull?
Glenn: I don't know.  It's from an old movie, "The Crimson Ghost," but we 
just sorta took over.
GD: Are your performances real physically taxing?
Glenn: For us, yea.  We don't stand around, like a lotta bands.  I hate 
bands that stand there and play and don't move around, like (name ??).  Most 
of those limey bands don't move around or nuthin.  They just.... (Talk 
switches to their experiences in England)  They eat once a day over there, 
and they're like "What's wrong with you??"  They have, like, "Tea," and then 
they have dinner.  And that's why, like we are here, and you guys lost the 
fuckin war! (Another Misfit: I'll eat as much as I want, heh-heh, heh-heh!) 
That's so funny, Over there, they're callin us "rebels," and the cops, when 
we got arrested over there they told us --
GD: You got arrested?
Glenn: We got arrested everywhere (everyone talks at once).  Anyways, they 
we're tellin me (stern, somber voice) "We still haven't recognized America. 
 You still belong to us (Everybody laughs loudly)  They were serious -- dead 
serious.  They were (same voice) "You're a rebel.  You're an outcast."  I'd 
say "C'mon ya lost the war." "Shut up!  Shut up!"  They got real mad, I told 
them "We saved your ass in World War II" (More laughter)  They're serious. 
 They're like the New Orleans police -- Gestapo! (discussion)  They took us 
and 20 fans -- 3 paddy wagons.
GD: Do you have a militant stand against cops?
Glenn: Cops have fucked with us all our lives.  Down in New Orleans we got 
arrested for being in a graveyard late at night (see clipping).
GD: What do the Misfits have to say about the world?
Glenn: It sucks.
GD: Thanks.

Pix: Soue Moped


NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - Seven punk rock music fans looking for the tomb of a 
voodoo queen and arrested for trespassing have filed complaints against city 
police.  A police spokesman declined comment on the case Sunday pending 
results of an internal investigation.  Police arrested 18 people including 
members of the punk band The Misfits.  Police said several members of the 
group carried chains and many of the women sported bald heads or Mohawk 
haircuts.  A 16 year old girl arrested at the cemetery filed a false arrest 
and battery complaint, claiming an officer struck her in the face with a 
flashlight when she refused to say whether she was male or female.  Carlos 
Diaz, 27, of Metarie, LA, told police the group went to the cemetery to find 
the tomb of legendary voodoo queen Marie Laveau following a performance by 
the band.  He said they looked through the cemetery gates, but had not 
entered the grounds when they were arrested.