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     The Misfits' Legacy of Brutality is cut from the same vein of granite.
Made up largely of tracks recorded for a projected LP in '78, this is the
sound of the East Coast's finest before hardcore took over and "Speed Before
All" became their credo.  On it, Glenn Danzig's great cartoon-horror lyrics
are clearly audible, and the massive guitar licks that crash through the
blood-soaked landscape can be fully observed before they go flying off to
sow chaos elsewhere.  Danzig's sustained yowl was meant to be heard at
this pace and people only familiar with the band's fine--but too swift--
later work oughta have their heads take cleanly off by the revelations
contained hereon.  It rips.
     Fuck collectors.  This stuff shoulda always belonged to anybody with
a taste for brain-crush.  Now it does.  Hooray for you.
     -Byron Coley