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Misfits - "Walk Among Us" - Ruby Records

   After a bunch of extraordinary singles (six in all) on their own label,
Plan 9, The Misfits have finally released an album on Ruby Records.  There's
a big "horror rock" trend going on these days, especially in LA, so you'll
probably take a glance at this album, laugh, and say "Gee, what a rip off
of TSOL and 45 Grave."  Fuck no, these guys have been around much longer
than those westcoast bozos, it's TSOL who've ripped off The Misfits.  Not
only were the Misfits first, they fit and live the image so much better.
TSOL just make me laugh.  Anyway the Misfits write such powerful songs,
I could tell you right now that my favorite cuts are "20 Eyes," "Hate
Breeders," and "Night of The Living Dead" but that doesn't explain how
great this band is... If you want a more detailed analysis, theres some
kids in Maumee On. who are intensely knowledgeable about this band, so ask
them... until then just by this fuckin record.