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FLIPSIDE #39, Summer 1983


And from the dirty lowlands of New York we have Undead "Verbal Abuse" (Post
Mortem POB 358 New Milford NJ 07646)  Two grinding, mid-speed, doses of
snarling Bobby Steele back from the dead.  "Verbal Abuse" is a classic punk
(not thrash) tune.

Well this is supposed to be Glenn Danzig's movie page but he missed the
deadline, out digging graves I guess.  By the way, Robo quit The Misfits!
They may get Googie back.  What else?

Live Report: Black Flag, Misfits, Vandals at the Santa Monica Civic,
June 11 1983

First off, a Goldenvoice spokesman came out during intermission and said
that Crass will be coming here this Fall if they can get Visas.  Another
source tells me that the money for this is all lined up right and
that Crass will be coming barring Visa problems.

As for the bands, the Vandals were first and stole the show, they were loud,
clear and rowdy without losing control.  Stevo wore a leopard skin shirt
over one shoulder and had his hair dyed bright green.  He told the crowd to
spit on him and they did.  With his short haircut he looked like someone's
hideous Jewish mother being covered with spit.  The Vandal's played all their
EP plus good covers of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual," Elvis' "Heartbreak
Hotel," and "Hocus Pocus" by Focus.  Much of the crowd ran on stage for the
last song, a particularly strong version of "Urban Struggle."  Based on their
solid musicianship and personality this is going to be the biggest band of
the second wave of LA punk.  The Misfits played second and, as usual, were
great to look at but not much to listen to.  They just didn't have it
together enough for the superfast music they try to play.  They even knew
this and looked like they were bitching at Robo.  Next!

Black Flag, the Grateful Dead of LA punk, were great for most of their set.
Chavo Paderast (hey kids - look up paderast in the dictionary - ha ha) and
Dez got big hands from the crowd and did good versions of odl songs.  Henry
came out and di the whole "Nervous Breakdown" single, that was good.  But
Black Flag's huge erection, I mean new direction, left me and the rest of
the crowd a little blank.  The new songs were all slow heavy metal type
dirges.  "I Love You" was a little better, maybe the band should change its
name to Black Coffee.  Since nothing much is happening in the new songs
musically, all the pressure of making them work falls on singer Henry, and
that doesn't quite work, but he did a pretty good job anyway.  The encore
was a good version of "Rise Above."  The dance style for the night was
circling, which looks like roller derby without the skates and isn't as fun
as the directionless slamming of the past.  Punks running around in a circle:
make of that what you will.  PS.  There were no problems at this show and
the sound at the Civic was surprisingly good.  The show was very well
attended by punks and others.  Promoters are you listening? - By John Bryant.