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FLIPSIDE #37, Spring 1983


This concerns an 'Organizations' plans to warp peoples' brains via the use of
special video transmissions.  Fresh subject matter (at last), good effects,
and best of all you can't figure out what's gonna happen next.  Debbie Harry
is actually good in this one, too.  This ends like most Cronenberg flicks,
it's over but you get the feeling it shouldn't be or maybe it's just that
you don't want it to be.  Go see this and any other Cronenberg films
(Scanners, The Brood, Rabid, They Came From Within).

STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!! This contains no HORROR, GORE, SUSPENSE, or anything
else but an over-abundance of BOREDOM.  Oh yeah, you will feel like a
fool if you pay to see this.

At last, a "HORROR" movie that lieves up the words HORROR MOVIE.  Sort of
like the EXORCIST meets Night Of The Living Dead.  Guaranteed frights for
even the most seasoned Horror filmgoer.  You will not be disappointed.

This is every Horror-Murder movie of the last 2 years slapped together
for a quick buck.  Hints of Friday the 13th & Halloween are too noticeable.
There are a few good scenes such as the Decapitated head of a girl seen
laying in a toilet bowl, but for the most part you've seen it all before.

I went to this just so I could give it a bad review.  But guess what?  This
was really kool.  This must've caught alot of parents off-guard, Yuk, Yuk!!
It was so cool hearing all these little kids screaming when the gruesome
stuff came on.  There is alot of brtality in this movie, along with a touch
of Genocide thrown in for good measure.  This movie doesn't have extreme
GORE but it still puts out.  Take the kiddies, HA, HA, HA.