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FLIPSIDE #36, December 1982

[Besides the following articles, Glenn Danzig also appears in a somewhat
 lengthy Necros interview on pages 31 and 32.]


Ok, all you people are out there bitching about how fucked the Misfits
are--but do you bother to ask their side of the story?  Nooooooo, you just
kick them when they're down like the mindless geeks you pretend to be so
against.  Shit, haven't you ever been pissed off!  It's not the first time
someone ever hit anyone with a guitar, like when Sid did it, it was cool,
right?  Well, here's a chat with the Misfits on that particular subject.  If
you are the kid who got hit, we'd like to hear your side of the story, but
that's all--no more eyewitness accounts because that's just stirring up the

Al:  So what happened that night?

Glenn:  Well basically it's just got really out of hand.
For ALL the bands on the bill.  They were throwing beer cans at us, and our
drummer jumped into the audience and a lot of kids jumped on top of him.  It
was either break it up or fuck our tour, so you know, that was the course we

Al:  And there was an el Cabong, was the really necessary?

Glenn:  Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, what would anybody else do in the
situation?  It's a split second thing.  That whole situation was fucked.  We
did the whole country and we come here and they think it's cool to throw beer
cans.  It happened to all the bands.  Fear went up there and got a lot of
shit, you know, we don't take that kind of shit.  We don't care what anybody
else thinks, it's just what we do, if we don't want people throwing shit at
us thats fine, what do I give two fucks if that makes us rock art or
something, we don't care.  Well they say it's not that we like you or not be
here in Frisco we throw beer cans at everybody, well fuck you.  Not empty
beer cans either, that's still fucked, but full ones.

Al:  Doyle (Doyle did the deed), what was that particular doing?

Doyle:  He was fucking with us, that's all.

Earl (from Saccharine Trust who saw the incident):  There were a lot of
people scrambling when Googy was in the audience, we didn't know if he was
getting beat up or what then crassshhh! and that was that.

Glenn:  He (Googy) was going down, there were just like fists all over we did
get a lot of support after the gig, no matter what you read in all the yellow
journalism magazines, there were just like 20-25 assholes who wanted to fuck
with us, who wanted to fuck with anybody that night.  They fucked with the
other bands and the other bands just did their set, fine.  Now if Googy
didn't jump in, but Googy did jump in because he got pissed off at some beer
can and it was not cool enough to have just that one person fight him, a
little riot had to develop.

Al:  What that kid was an instigator....

Doyle:  Fuck he was the one that started it...(garbled)....

Glenn:  There's a lot of sit that goes with it, with that contingent, like
rumors that we raped a 13 year old gil at gun point and all this other

Al:  Is there still a lawsuit against you guys?

Glenn:  No, I talked to someone about it last night and they said the lady
was just forgetting it.  If anything did happen we might have had to pay for
the hospital bills but even then they have to sue the club first, I think.
That guy who just put us on at Florentine, (Wes) told us that they have to
sue him.  And they don't really have a case because the kid was provoking the
band by throwing the beer cans.  I forget what the law term is called, but
anyway, it's old shit.  We've only gotten two bad letters about it, the rest
have been more T-shirt orders.  A lot of guys hit people in the head with
guitars, it's just that night--I'm not saying it's cool to hit people with
guitars--we were singled out for it.  I mean Johnny Thunders killed someone
with his guitar, and Flipper, Frisco's heart throb had just hit somebody with
a guitar just before we got there.  I don't know why we were singled out,
maybe because we're from NY.  Saying "it smells of record company" when we
give out buttons and shit we pay for that ourselves, we paint our amps, we
pay for that.  WHAT record company?  Slash has done nothing with us but put
the album out, we recorded it, it's bullshit.

Al:  I guess you saw the cartoon in Maximum Rock and Roll.

Doyle:  I thought it was cool.

Glenn:  Yeah at least we got dicks instead of cunts, ya know!

Al:  Ok enough, hey Robo!  How do you like the Misfits?

Robo:  Great band, really good band, really glad I'm in it.

Al:  That's it.

Robo:  That's it.

Al:  Are you gonna grow a Devil Lock?

Robo:  Well, if it grows, it grows!

Al:  Are they different from Black Flag?

Robo:  A bit, yeah.

Al:  Like how?

Robo:  Song wise, but it's still energy...

Al:  No more break neck touring.....

Robo:  Well we haven't done too much heavy touring YET, but we plan to.  At
this point we have to start touring to survive.

Doyle:  Yeah, everybody now is not working.

Glenn:  This is like our first big tour where we don't just hit one region
and then go home.  Tell all the fiend club members that the live ep will be
out really soon as we get back we'll have some money.

Al:  How many in the Fiend Club?

Glenn:  Last time you said 100 and it was like 500, and there's a lot more
now so it's getting hectic--that's another thing, I don't who hates in Frisco
cause all's we get is t-shirt orders!

Al:  Is Robo doing good?

Glenn:  Oh yeah!  Except "Robo, 4 beats instead of 3!"  (laughter)

Al:  Most drummers are never even noticed, but Robo is like....

Glenn:  We played in DC before Robo and this kid jumps onstage and opens his
jacket, and his shirt says "Robo is God" and then he jumps down!  (laughter
and hysteria, Robo turns red).

Al:  Why, Robo, why?

Robo:  I don't know.  There's a Robo fan club in uh, Lansing!  (more

Glenn:  It's his shorts.  We never even thought of getting Robo as a drummer,
Black Flag had suggested it but I thought he gave up drumming.  Then one day
we got a phone call "Waa goeing ahn"  (more laughter)  So we flew him out and
that was it, it's working out good.  (the rest of the interview was talk
about George Germain--which is quite a long story--you would have to ask the



This movie is great, gorey, gruesome, hilarious, what else can I say.
If this plays in your town go see it.  Low budget but high quality
throughout.  THE MONSTER in this is so cool.  He's really ugly and
has one of the most warped sense of humor.  He tries to FUCK
a girl and the results are far less than successful.  More like a

Big letdown from George Romero (the guy who made Night of the Living Dead
and Dawn of the Dead).  The stories aren't scary, the movie isn't
gorey and the special effects are wasted by the stupid ?red and blue?
lighting effects.  They flash red and blue lights whenever it gets a
little violent.  There are 5 stories ina ll but the opening of the movie
"kicks ass" on all of 'em.  "The Crate" and "They're Creeping Up On You"
are the standouts in an otherwise slow film.

This is the sequel to Mad Max but that's where the similarities end.
Mad Max was boring but ROAD WARRIOR is the ultimate statement on
survival in the not-too-distant future.  Scavenging mohawk-men riding
the highways of the wasteland, searching for new victims.  Hunting out
the scarcest of all things, 'GAS'.  MAX really gets fucked over in this
one but manages to survive it all (he ends up looking like a walking
contusion).  Plenty of harsh brutality, violence, rape, murder, and death.
All the things that await you in post-war life.  I've seen this five
times, at ten I'll lay off for awhile.  See this at least once.

Halloween III doesn't even deserve a full review.  This one sucks and the
night he came home he should have visited Debra Hill and John Carpenter.



[The following is a review of the 10/1/82 show.]

SVDB, Necros, Misfits and Social Distortion at Bob's Place by Al

Dare we go back into the "bad" section of town for another gig?  Yeah,
this could be (and was) the Necros only appearance in town, so it was
a must.  The place is already crowded when we get there, the Necros
stood out for some reason and we yacked for awhile... SVDB (Saint Vitus
Dance Band) were on - eehhhhh, what can I say?  Sounded none too distinct
and the crowd just kind of gave them half an ear, I've heard a lot about
these guys but was not impressed.  After a long pause the Necros took the
very samll stage and the crowd gathered around - tight!  Corey was kinda
propped up against his amp (remember he has a broken foot), from where I
was Andy was slotted between the drum set (which just hung over the end of
the stage) and the pa speaker.  Todd was buried in his drums but looked
comfortable and Barry - he just kept looking for a place to stand as the
crowd kept closing in more and more - finally with a collective "fuck it"
they ripped into their first song, seemingly just to see how things would
shuffle around.  Things never got better so they just played the best they
could - which was pretty impressive.  Barry just doesn't look convincing
when he's just standing around, but on stage he works up some real
aggression.  He paced the stage the best he could in the limited space.
They played a lot of new stuff and a lot of the olders tuff, but everything
seemed to get the same energetic response.  I'll be they really kill on a
better night (better conditions I should say).  The Misfits were next and
still ripped despite the crowdedness and increasing heat of the whole place.
Fun fun fun, but 10 feet away you could not see them, let alone hear them and
the power kept going off.  I could recognize all my favorite tunes by only
hearing the guitar noise (vocals? what vocals.)  Social Distortion came on
and I for one was kinda burnt, S.D. were drunk and did a sloppy set which
sounded like shit in that place, oh well.  I won't even go into the fun a
lot of people had with the neighbors.........

[The following is a review of the 10/2/82 show.]

Fun time at the Florentine with Discharge, the Misfits, Lewd, Crucifix
and who knows who else by Al......

I really hate these big punkarama arena type shows.  It's like heard in
crowd of thrillseekers, punks, poseurs and everyone else - this gig was no
exception.  Why go in and stand there in the heat with nothing to drink and
get burnt out befor ethe great bands come on?  Sure sure it's good to see up
and coming opening bands but this is just the wrong conditions.  How could
anybody look or even sound good in this "thing."  So I think the Atoms
opened, would have liked to see them and then the Detonators who everybody
said sucked.  Well inside it's like deja vu of the last time I was here,
yawn.  Crucifix are just finishing up a really raging set.  Would've liked
to see all of them, so I'm a jerk....  the Lewd were up next and for some
reason sounded good (in those conditions!).  Olga posed around looking real
mean and Satz paced the stage.  Not a bad set, although it stayed at about
an even pace which got a bit repititious.  45 Grave were next and didn't
sound too good - or look good either.  The new bass player looks like a
Plastmatic reject and the mood of the time (for me at least) was not 45
Grave.  But anyway.... the Misfits came on in what was supposed to be a
surprise (but I knew - they had flyers at the gig the night before).  They
were just no way as intense as last year at Al's Bar or the Whisky, I know
it's because of the gigantic hall, they even looked a bit silly and the "Oi
Oi" fist in the air came off really macho!  They were much better at Bob's
Place!!!!  They sounded like shit too, with their amps up all the way, the
speakers in the pa just went kakackackakdkchkchhkchh (something like that).
Finally Discharge!!!!  They looked really great all spikey and everything,
real HC, they took the stage and started ripping.  I was on stage so it
sounded good thru the monitors, what they lacked in movement (the guitar
player didn't move at all and the bass guy did a little) they made up for in
pure minimal energy.  Thrashing vocals, a thrashing crowd, thrashing noise -
what can I say?  They were fucking great!!!