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FLIPSIDE #31, 1982

THE MISFITS were interviewed in April by Al, Hudd, Paul and Kori......
FS: How many fiends in the "Fiend Club"?
Glenn: Oh, about 100.
FS: Really, what do they get?
Glenn: Buttons, free pictures, everythings free but the t-shirts, they 
cost like $5, we're trying to get a poster from the album but Slash is 
giving us a hard time, it would probably cost a buck or two--if I could 
get it for nothing, I'd give it to the fiend club for nothing.
FS: How did you get involved with Slash?
Glenn: I called them up one day to do some advertising, but I found out 
the magazine had just gone under and they asked if we had any tapes. I 
said Yeah, but we wanted to do it with IRS or one of those labels, but 
they said, "oh, don't do it with IRS, they're scumbags" ya know what I 
mean? and we eventually ended up doing it with them. They always liked us 
and reviewed our 45s and interviewed us.
FS: And you and Chris D. mixed the album. Weren't you supposed to play 
with Chris D's band the FLESHEATERS?
Glenn: Yeah, but they're scared of us!
FS: Why's that?
Glenn: I dont know...maybe because we're all (makes a mean scary face 
gesture) and they're all homos, ya know?! I don't care what they like, I 
hate them. God this is homo city around here!!
Jerry: We try to avoid going down that street (Santa Monica Blvd. near 
Glenn: You go to the supermarket to use the phone and it's oh yeecch 
(makes kissing sound) "Fuck you, leave me alone for 5 seconds!!". In NY 
its not like that. Everybody is into their own trip. No one bugs you, if 
you're a homo fine, you are a homo and go where homos go. But here it's 
so fucked up, everybody's pushing on you. You have a lot more homos here 
than in New York!!
FS: Well, right here is where they all concentrate...
Glenn: And Frisco is fucking homo land!! Yeah, we wanted to eat at 
McDonalds and the Flesheaters wanted to go into homoville, we just said, 
"fuck you, give us the money, we're getting out of here!!"
FS: What happened at your gig in SF?
Glenn: Melee, m-e-l-e-e it was an all out riot. There wasn't enough 
security, the place went wild, a few kids went down...we had to act as 
our security.
FS: What happened with some kid throwing cans and the drummer and you 
(mgr) went and beat him up?
Mgr: Googy jumped into the audience and was fighting it out and some 
giant guy was fighting it out and some giant guy grabbed him, so it was 
either hit him or Googy gets killed and I wanted the show to go on so I 
gave hin a shot-and then I ran for my life!!
Glenn: The show wouldn't go on anyway because people were fighting with 
each other, a fight here, a fight there, it was just wild and we got 
dicked out of oue money anyway so.....
FS: What about your "horror image"?
Glenn: Well, mostly what we sing about is everyday things and about 
survival. Like you read in the paper about some guy that kills his wife 
and hacks her up and all the details are right there, it's fun. I've been 
into gore all my life, this is my life, this is me. I'm into gore and 
horror and shit like that. We're serious about this, a lot of bands do it 
but are jokes.
FS: Like is "Skulls" from the news?
Glenn: Yeah, or like "London Dungeon" I wrote in London because I hate it 
so much.

[The folllowing is a review of the band's 2 shows on 4/17/82.]

Misfits/Saccharine Trust at Whisky
Misfits/100 Flowers at Al's Bar by Al

Ok I really like the Misfits and most of all their music, so the stage
image is just an added attraction.  Besides these guys thrash and none of
that hair or skulls gets in their way.... Saccharine Trust were a pleasant
surprise opening at the Whisky, they sounded real good and looked happy to
play.  The Misfits sounded better hear than at Al's but only because the
instruments were more distinguishable.  At Al's it was all together in a
loud thrash sound.  100 Flowers opened at Al's and were very intense in
their own way.  I wish more of the over excited Misfits fans were here to
see them, but they were at the Whisky seeing the MIsfits do a surprise set
before the Dickies.  It's good that the Misfits have such a loyal group of
fans in L.A. (Earl from Sacc. and Henry etc) but I hope they realize that
even without the "yes men" constantly surrounding them they would have
still blown the audience away!  These guys were hot!  Non-stop action!
Goooo seeeeee themmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

[The following is a review of the band's show on 4/10/82.]

The Misfits in SF by Roger

The Misfits paced the stage for 45 min. adjusting this and that and giving
the audience the finger, they seemed extra uptight.  "Just part of the act"
I thought.  The singer kicked people off the stage and they played one song
which ended with one of the guitarists smashing his fancy guitar with the
skull on the end.  Pieces were flying.  He then reached behind his amp and
got another one just like it.  I decided to leave the area.  The singer says
"Bunch of fucking homos, can't even move!!"  They played another song which
was really great.  People were dancing like mad but when a beer can hit the
drummer he leaped into the audience and started beating someone's ass.
During the next song there was more fighting between the band and the
audience.  This is music?  Then the guitarist smashed his guitar over
someone's head.  I didn't see what happened to that person's head but the
guitar sure was wrecked.  Someone called an ambulance.  The the Misfits
actually tried to get on stage and play again but as soon as that guitarist
appeared all sorts of full beer cans were flying at him and a small riot
began.  WE left just as a million cops were pulling up.  Maybe it's the way
the Misfits comb their hair down in long points in front of their faces that
makes them look cross eyed and mean.  Or bad drugs.  It was like a bad movie.
We figured someone might have been murdered but so far I haven't read
anything about it in the paper........