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FLIPSIDE #15, MID-1979


     Misfit's guitarist Bobby Steele was arrested at Max's Kansas City
after a person in the audience filed a complaint with the police charging
that he was hit by a glass thrown from onstage while performing by Steele,
who's pleading innocent.  Steele said that the arresting policemen were
extremely friendly and sympathetic to him.
     The Blessed, with Walter Lure still on lead guitar, thrilled over
eight hundred people at a Sunday afternoon concert as part of the annual
Rock 'N Roll Convention at the Diplomat Hotel, sponsored by radio station
WPIX.  Last summer, the Blessed played at a private party thrown by Chip
Carter (the president's son).  After the latest show, manager Eileen Polk,
lead singer Billy and bassist Howie were all photographed in his studio by
Scavullo, for possible inclusion in a new book.  And Walter Lure's birthday
party at the Mudd Clubb included the best cake fight I've ever seen, plus
appearances by Danny Fields, Johnny Thunders, Anton Perich, NATASHA, her
parnter, George Harrison III, Billy Balls, Klaus Nomi, the Misfits, Kristian
Hoffman, Bradley Fields, gorgeous Donna Destry, the Zone Brothers, Pierre
D'Aix and Trixi.
     Bob Alexander's Good City Rock Show on WBAI will play a lot of Los
Angeles music on an upcoming show.  The April broadcast included a lengthy
report on the L.A. Elks Lodge incident.  The station's recent benefit at
Gildersleeve's had exciting performances by Uncle Son, Siren, and Cheap
Perfume.  Uncle Son has also caught the interest and eye of Kink Ray Davies,
who came to see their gig at Trax.
     Studio 10 is Yippie headquarters and active in the Rock Against Racism
campaign.  Max's two week Easter Festival featured four different bands a
night and gigs by the Contortions, Model Citizens, Walter Stedding, Misfits,
Invaders, Mikki Zone Zoo and Klaus Nomi, who was discovered in December's
New Wave Vaudeville Show and had a big spread on himself in the Soho News.
Also in his band is talented Kristian Hoffman of the Mumps, whose roommate,
Bradley Fields (drummer of Teenage Jesus) suffered a fractured skull and
a brain clot on his brain after falling from his loft bed.  He's thankfully
recovering and performing again but must temporarily wear an eyepatch.

 [This article appeared on a page of regional punk rock news and included
  several other paragraphs on the New York scene.  The first paragraph
  refers to Bobby Steele's March 28, 1979 arrest at Max's Kansas City.]